Amazing Residential Interior Painting Tips

If the walls in your house are starting to look dull and dreary, follow these amazing residential interior painting tips to brighten up the whole room.

Picking the Right Color

Shopping for the right color in your home should be a color that pleases you and will look good in the room. Brighter colors give the room looks like it has more space while darker colors will make the room look smaller. Select a corresponding color which will ad balance to the whole room. You would do this on the windows and other home trimming.

When you have picked your colors, now you want to get the paint ready to use according to the maker’s instructions. Go out and get another container to mix up the paint in. This is to ensure that all the paint is mixed up very well. Last, make sure that you keep track of what the paint color code is so that is you have to do any refreshing at a later time, you will be able to do so.

Before you paint, you’re going to want to wash the walls and make sure all the dirt and grim is off of the places where new paint will go.

Picking the Finish Color

Now you’re going to want to pick the finishing color to your room. Using an eggshell finish has an insignificant luster. This is useful in places that have a tendency to get wet like the bathroom or the children’s room because it is washable. The bad side to using this finish is that is it difficult to repaint the area should it need it. The luster looses color at some time and if you have to repaint the area the newer parts will be shiner that the old parts.

If you use a semi-gloss paint finish the end results will be glossier. You usually use this kind of finish with wooden furnishings, like the doors, windows and shelves.

When you use a flat paint finish, it sounds like the wording of the name, flat, but it makes the blemishes or dirt disappear. It’s the cheapest of the three and makes it the best choice for most of your painting projects.

Picking the Best Utensils For Your Painting Project

What you’re going to want to buy on top of your paint roller and extension pole is several tailored brushes. When you paint around windows or the trimmings, you’ll need a brush that is angled and about 2 inches. For the corners and tight spots, you will want to use a trimmer thinner 2 inch brush.

Invest in better quality brushes because they hold the paint in more than the cheaper brushes. Plus the better quality brushes the bristles don’t fall out like the cheaper ones. This will help you get the job done the right way. Before you start painting with the brush, take another home brush and get all the extra hairs out of the way.

Now you have the basic residential interior painting tips under your belt there isn’t any project that you can’t do inside of your home.

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