AMC’s the Walking Dead, Common Sense?

The Walking Dead seems to be losing its luster this season. This season started off with a bang but the last two episodes lacked certain moments of suspense. I know that the show centers on the group but there must be at the same time suspense along with common sense.

Lack of Common Sense

The zombie in the well, this showed a total lack of common sense especially on Glenn’s part. Having a zombie stuck in a well was not bad but the way in which the team went to remove him was. First trying to bait the walker with food and second using a live human being to try and rope the zombie face to face.

What ever happened to just forming a lasso and bring the walker up that way, after all it does not matter where one hooks the walker. It makes perfect sense to me to climb down on a rope and try it that way rather than lassoing the walker from the safety of terra firma. This was not Glenn’s week of course not only did he do that crazy stunt but he had to top it.

The topper of course was when Glenn and his new found love went on a drug store raid on horseback. The problem here of course was there were no walkers’ period around a small town and no sign of corpses as around the other places where they have traveled.

Then they tie up the horses out front and proceed into the drug store to have a sexual encounter. This made perfect sense to strip and have sex with live bait outside, [Horses] and the entrance door not secured. I might guess that this town was walker free and they must have known it.

The walkers in the previous episode however were all over the FEMA site at the school. After watching Glenn in action I am amazed he has made it this far. Hopefully the writers will do a better job in the future.

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