America Needs Jobs and We Need Them Now

President Obama made a speech in front of Congress addressing the one thing that most of us all agree this nation needs more of and that is jobs. His speech was great to listen to, but many seemed a bit skeptical. His speech showed how great a orator he really is but can he deliver the jobs that we need before we fall into total ruin?

Unemployment numbers are not looking good. The job situation has grown to be a very dire situation for many people. Many people are living paycheck to paycheck and day to day like he said in his speech. Some have failed to see just how dire the situation is because they still have a job and are still living the good life at the expense of the taxpayers. Some have forgotten how life is for the poor and the working middle class. Many more have been thrown into poverty since the start of the recession.

In order for Obama to create jobs that will help the entire country he has to really take a look at the types of jobs that are needed. Not all of the jobs need to be highly skilled, highly educated, and trained. The reason for this is that we are churning out young people every year from high school and college that are not able to find work because they lack experience and they have to compete for the jobs that are there. According to the census report more of today’s youth are living at home well into their thirties, living in poverty, still unmarried but creating families because many of them aged 20 to 34 lack employment.

He is planning to spend 447 billion dollars to create jobs. His job plan is to modernize different aspects of America like schools and bridges. But, at the same time he is cutting funding to federal aid for college students that may really need it. How are we supposed to become a better country focused on the standards of good education if we are turning out students that cannot even read much less add or subtract? If you need a college degree to get a job how are you supposed to get a job without the money to do so? America needs jobs that is true. But, perhaps a better, more thought out strategy. Cutting funding for those less fortunate is not the way to go.

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