American Horror Dad Dylan McDermott Reflects the Testosterone Smoked Sexuality of Baby Boomer Men

When myself and my husband, a West Hollywood City Hall employee, read about Ryan Murphy’s latest show, American Horror Story, and then read the Tweets coming out of the East Coast on that Wednesday in October, we quickly set the DVR to record the entire season. After watching the first episode we were blown away and not by the story but what was perhaps the most shocking scenes of the show, Dylan McDermott with or without clothes. Yes, we finally noticed him. Gone was the un-sexual Bobby Donnell of The Practice. Gone too was the asexual Dylan of his gay roles (admirable for a straight man but he never quite had it) in such films as Bobby Harling’s brilliant Steel Magnolias, plus his roles in Party Monster and Home For The Holidays.

From interviews we have read, we take it that Dylan probably didn’t realize what was about to occur (albeit he was aware of the gay proposition that was to come).

This fall, as the last of the baby Boomers start hitting 50, it was the perfect timing for a Baby Boomer to turn up the heat and inspire others in his age range to look the hottest one could ever look. Dylan’s acting on the show is Award Winning (and obviously overlooked by the Golden Globes nominating committee).

More winning, however, are McDermott’s sexual scenes that are erotic without being pornographic. As Ben Harmon, the dutiful patriarch of Murder House, Dylan’s character faces constant temptations by its resident ghosts (of both genders). To the ghoulish delight of viewers, the spooks routinely offer to perform fellatio on him.

McDermott handles the mature smoldering lustful sexual scenes brilliantly and sexually, as he rejects the ghostly advances in his struggle to battle his own personal demons and attempt to save his marriage..

Dylan’s character, Ben Harmon is a man that is conflicted and tempted and struggles at rejection but does spurn the advances. Sure, the character of Ben Harmon has made mistakes in the past, but since the other Harmons in the house seem to have gone through a cathartic redemption, we suspect Ben Harmon will hopefully follow.

(Note-it is apparently established that only his wife and daughter are happy (to the extent possible) in the house. Since all the other residents are not happy, one can speculate what will happen if Ben joins them but the house has no need for their happiness).

Any way, back to the look that Dylan has achieved. A lean and toned 50 year old is an inspiration to many Boomers. Many men in that age bracket are concerned about aging. To see Dylan naked from the back, his sexy chest, and abdominal muscles is to see hope. Many of us haven’t see a lot of hope lately. Moreover, we haven’t seen much of Dylan’s body since the first 2 episodes but the tenth episode showed that Dylan still had it. This is true especially when Dylan’s torso was stretched and strained during the disturbingly erotic wrestling scene with a boy young enough to call him Dad, 24 year old Evans Peter as the ghostly rapist Tate Langdon.

McDermott makes one admire him. Personally, as one half of a couple who are 49, Dylan has become our inspiration when we are working out at the gym. We would love for him to publish his workout. Also, we wonder about his diet and supplements. Is he on prescription anti-aging replacement medicines? Testim is commonly prescribed for men over 40. If McDermott is on it, he certainly could be Poster Dad for it.

Now I guess the big question for some is what exactly is a Dad as it is used in this article. The term originates from the leather community and denotes the relationship of an older usually in shape man with a partner who may be young enough to be his son. Over time Dad or Daddy has made it into mainstream LGBTQ culture as representing a distinct look. While many men may be Dads in the LGBTQ community, one is called a Hot Daddy where one is exceptionally good looking and carries an inherent sexuality with him.
Many actors in Hollywood fit the bill without being gay because, unlike others who allow themselves to accept aging and gaining weight, these men are fit and carry a Testosterone Smoked style like Mad Men’s John Slattery and the younger Jon Hamm.

Dylan McDermott, since debuting his new Daddy look in American Horror Story fits the bill. In fact, the episode entitled “Halloween I” essentially acknowledges this Daddy “je ne sais quoi” when the promiscuous gay ghost Patrick attempted to seduce Dylan’s character, Ben, with the line (abridged here) “You play the role [of husband and father] but you like having that c#ck s#ck often and well.” Patrick, as played by 34 year old Teddy Sears, fits the bill as another homoerotic “son” as many in the gay community would see him based on the age disparity.

And now, well, besides Dylan McDermott, the show is the best American Horror Story we have ever viewed. It is truly inspired by Dark Shadows (Ryan Murphy’s grandmother’s favorite show) and personally walking around Murder House and also having been to The House of Dark Shadows, Lyndhurst, one can feel the connection. I am not going out on a limb. When I state the following because it is true American Horror Story is a Classic American Television Show.

As for the characters, I hope the Harmons don’t exit at the end of the season and Ben will still be tempted by Moira, Hayden, and Patrick next season.

But I am beginning to abandon hope (which is a good thing for the Harmons). Allegedly the season finale has the most intense and horrifying scene of the entire season from what I have read. Nevertheless, based on Murphy’s comments and the reunion between Ben’s wife and daughter, I am starting to believe Ryan Murphy wants a happy ending. For that to occur, the Harmon’s just might be too happy in the end to remain at Murder House.

The Armstrong Mansion at the fictional 939 Berro Drive in Los Angeles seems like it has no room for souls that are at peace. The Harmons will probably not return and Marcy, the real estate agent, will probably place the For Sale sign on the house (NOTE-the real house is by random chance for sale) as the Harmon’s move on and leave Jessica Lange’s Constance Langdon to welcome the new residents of Berro Drive.

Luckily for my husband and me, we can visit Murder House anytime we want. We actually went trick or treating there on Halloween in a sort of life imitates are and actually got some candy. Unfortunately for us Ben Harmon was not there to greet us.

If you haven’t seen it, see it on line or on iTunes. It is a must for anyone who appreciates television as an art form.

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