An Arthritis Cream that Works in 30 Minutes, No Joke. It Worked for Me in Seconds

I have nothing to do with this company. I have just discovered this about a week and a half ago. My mom forwarded an email with this woman talking about arthritis pain. I truly have it in my knee and leg so badly that it is sometimes a nightmare to just try to stand. Its the same way with trying to sit in a straight back chair. It feels like there is a nerve that is like a rubber band and it is pulling. I literally have had to stand up to eat.
When this woman started talking about this being all natural, I kind of started listening. I still was not sold on it. Truthfully 29.95 for two ounces is alot. But, it was a money back guarantee, so I ordered it. When I got it, I had just had one of my “spells”, where it was impossible to walk on my right leg. I sat down, slowly, because that pain was so bad. I rubbed a small dab, they said it would only take a dimes worth. I am telling you the honest truth. With seconds, I could put my leg out in front of me. I had not been able to do that for about 2 months. They said 30 minutes, but I felt it literally within seconds. It really does not take a dimes worth for a small spot. The tube I have is still about 1/3 full and I have ordered another. You can take it with you, it has a very faint smell of menthol but it is not something someone else could smell. I could not believe it. I am truly the worst pessimist, I do not believe anything I see on t.v. or the internet. Like I said, this was a money back offer and so I tried it. Even when I ordered it, I was thinking, well I can send it back. I am so amazed. If I am at the store and my knee acts up, all I have to do, is get out the little tube and rub it on. I promise you I would not say this if it were not so.
I have seen people with arthritis, and I have always felt so bad for them. I have it in my back, legs, knees and shoulders. So I have double sympathy. I did not have the patience for glucosamine, I am a “want it to work now” kind of person. This cream is called ArthriPain Relief Cream, it is totally natural and I will give you the link to the website. Notice there is nothing about being an affiliate. I am writing this because I know how it feels to hurt and to not be able to sleep because of the pain. Truthfully I have not used it on my back, the pain is nothing, its the knee and the leg. I can tell you that it works for me. Here is the website. I will just put the name so you will know I have nothing to gain from this. north star nutritionals. the name of the cream is ArthriPain Relief Cream. They have other products but I have not tried those. If they are as good as this, they must work. Good luck and I hope you find the same relief I did. It has been a true blessing.

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