An Empty Stocking for Christmas

I turn off my television
And turn on the Christmas tree lights.
I reflect with my wife and son
As we sit quietly in the night.

We breathe in the peaceful wonder
Of the Christmas season.
And we hope and pray
As we celebrate the true reason.

Gently we hold each other
As we recollect on each ornament.
We try to keep positive
As this year we have no employment.

Our conversation is light
Even though our hearts are heavy.
We don’t want our son to know
The true hardship we carry.

For Christmas is about what we have
Not for what we do not.
We have hope, each other, and Jesus
Which, by any standard, is a lot.

All we have is each other
Which is plenty enough to please us.
An empty stocking is fine
As our hearts are filled with Jesus.

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