An Image of the Past

Images of the Past “Still” Haunt My Soul:

I walk away…cannot stand to look back,
his face…”still” an image in my mind.
Heartaches shift…stealing my soul,
taking the essence of “true” love forever.

It’s a love…never felt before,
long years to find this passion,
waiting since a maturing adult,
a soul mate, lover, friend.

He leaves in a northward direction,
neither, dares to glance back,
know if we do…there will be “no” end,
his soul suffers…longing to feel my lips again.

Walking away, the hardest thing in my life,
aware this is our ending,
committments and vows seal by a gold band,
how can love “sting” to the bone?

The warmness of his body steals my spirit,
his kisses quench my desires…never felt,
How can I face my tomorrows without him?
I want to turn around…run back into his arms.

I must surrender to obstacles blocking our attachment,
photo his image…using every ounce of strength…
never allow anything to steal it from my inner being,
forget the life I searched for throughout the years.

I won’t look back…others hearts to be broken,
not right to self-satisfy longings to slay others souls.
I close the door to my desiring nucleus,
take a deep breath…keep walking away.

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