An Inconvenient Loss of History

So, I have been following the 2012 GOP primary debates and it struck me. Mitt Romney looks like a president. He has the chiseled good looks of a Kennedy and the money to play mack daddy until the wheels fall off. And in today’s dog-eat-dog world of politics, that’s saying lot. Americans are in love with media hype and it seems like Mitt is center stage of American Idol and, Simon Cowell is slobbering all over himself.

Now, that being said, Mitt himself doesn’t actually say a whole lot. Mostly what I hear coming from his mouth is good old fashion political rhetoric. Vague answers, soft shoeing, and a flashy show of white teeth that would make the Osmond’s want to kick out a stained glass window. Other than that, there’s not much else.

On the other end of the GOP platform is the unlikely Dr. Paul. Ron doesn’t look like a president. He doesn’t have the looks of a Romney. He doesn’t have the money either. And his teeth look like he exhumed George Washington’s wooden choppers and popped them in. But coming out of Ron Paul’s mouth are the most reasonable and logical words ever heard in American politics since our forefathers penned the Constitution.

You see, Americans have forgotten their history, or they were never taught it to begin with. Ron Paul is in his 70’s and he’s been around awhile. He remembers what made this country great and a shining example to the world. A time when we depended on American ingenuity, hard work, and common sense to see us through some tough times. And it was during those tough times that Americans were at their best.

Some of the greatest inventions and ideas in world history came from the minds of free thinking Americans. Ideas and thoughts that can only come from a free mind living in a free society. Where the pursuit of happiness is achievable.

But something has changed and it seems sinister. Some force dedicated to wiping out the American spirit of freedom and liberty. A corruption of the system that threatens to push America so far to one side as to be irreversable in its course of self destruction. A corruption that makes otherwise good men, do greedy things.

Americans have forgotten that at no time in recorded history was there ever a country where democracy, freedom, liberty, and a sense of equality exists like it does in America. It was the utopia that people had sought for eons. Only here does it exist. Only here, as free Americans, were we able to achieve it.

Right now we all stand on the brink of losing it, and in such a stupid way as to make it unforgivable. To carelessly throw away what people of other countries could only dream about and long for. There is a force of evil in the world that would love to watch us lose it all, but we have forgotten that this evil even exists, because we have forgotten our history.

Evil doesn’t sleep, and it has caught us napping. It is time for a wake-up call to the people of the United States. Learn your history and never forget why there is greatness inside every American. It was our birthright given to us by the forefathers of this country. They knew about evil, they were surrounded by it. They fought against it and they won against all odds. But freedom isn’t something that is fought over and won once. It must be won time-and-time again.

Yes, Ron Paul is not a pretty face like Mitt Romney. He is old, and gravity does take its toll. But what he says about making America great again, makes him a very attractive fellow.

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