An Interview with Electric Flower

A rousing new band on the rise is Electric Flower. The group consists of only Imaad Wasif and Josh Garza. However, according to Wasif, they are “a duo with the spirit of 10.” Wasif stopped by for a quick Q&A.

Q – Your new band is named Electric Flower. How did this name come about?

A – We both love Electric Ladyland and Flower Travellin’ Band. Plus, Blood On The Stooges seemed too obvious.

Q – The group is comprised of yourself and Josh Garza. I read that the two of you met while trapped in an elevator. It was at a later meeting when you decided to form a band together. What was it about Josh that intrigued you enough to join forces?

A – Josh has great beats. I wanted to collaborate with him. He’s codeine to white light.

Q – I haven’t heard the new EP yet; will do so this week. But it’s due out next month. What type of music can fans expect from Electric Flower?

A – Why expect when you can choose to listen? Whatever our music is, it is absolutely modern.

Q – Once the EP drops, will there be a corresponding tour?

A – We’ll be doing shows worldwide.

Q – With Electric Flower being comprised of you on guitar and Josh on drums, will there be other standard musicians on tour with you, or it is pretty much a two man show?

A – We are a duo with the spirit of 10.

Q – Who were your musical influences growing up?

A – Whoever they were, they probably still are.

Q – Thanks again for talking to me. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A – No, you’re welcome.

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