An Old Man and a Bench

When Ronald was a child, he would always go to the park and sit on a bench that overlooked the river. The bench was large enough for two people, painted a dark, green color and had stone arm rests connected to either side of it. To people passing by, the bench looked to be too uncomfortable to sit on but to Ronald, the bench was comfortable. Even if he had to sit on hard wood that made you feel like it could crack at any moment, it was still a nice place to sit. It was part of his life.

He had spent many days of his childhood sitting on that bench and feeding the ducks that would swim by him. During the winter time, Ronald would simple stare out at the frozen water for hours on end and think about life and other things. Sitting on that bench gave him a sense of peace and tranquility. It made him feel like everything was okay with the work and nothing could hurt him. The bench also played a large role in Ronald’s love life. It was the place that he brought his girlfriend, Wendy, to on the end of their first date. It was were they shared their first kiss. After that, Ronald and Wendy made the bench their special place to hide away from everyone else. Together they would feed the ducks and watch the ice and talk about what the future held for them.

Ronald decided to propose to Wendy on the shabby, dark park bench that they had turned into a hang out spot and she happily accepted his proposal. The bench then played a large part in the lives or Ronald and Wendy’s three children. Every Sunday after church, the small family of five would head to that park bench for life lessons and random family discussions. It was a small place that held a lot of sentimental value for Ronald and his family. It was a place for memories; both happy and sad.

Then, one day, Ronald and his family had to move. they were relocated a whole three states away from their precious bench. It was hard for them, but after a while, the children and Wendy seemed to forget all about it. It was just a distant memory now and they all saw no reason to live in the past. Ronald didn’t forget though; the park bench was just like another family member. But, he couldn’t move back to the park bench due to his job. Money to support his family was more important.

As his children grew older and Wendy passed away, Ronald realized how much he missed the park bench. It was really the place where his life began. Everything important to Ronald happened at that bench and despite his old age, he could remember it all in great detail. A year after Wendy’s death, Ronald realized how depressed he was and chose to move back to his home state. Living in a familiar place was better for him considering all three of his children had moved away and had lives of their own. At least in a familiar place, he wouldn’t feel so alone.

Upon moving back home, the first place that Ronald visited was his park bench. It was much different now, though. Instead of having a nice, clear view to the river and a fresh coat of paint, the spot where his park bench was looked awful. The green paint was chipping away and trees, as well as some bushes, had grown in front of it. The state of his park bench almost made him cry. A once lovely place was now the victim to a messy society. Sitting on the bench, Ronald sat his hand next to him and smiled softly to himself. “So many memories, my dear friend.” He said in a soft tone. His voice was almost a whisper, though he didn’t really care if anyone heard him. the bench had been in his life forever.

It was a part of his romantic life and it was the place where his first born took their first steps. It was the place that he heard his children’s first words and the place where he got to teach them how to read. But, probably the most important memory that the bench held fro him, was the fact that it was always there for him. It knew all his secrets and wouldn’t be telling a soul about them.

That night, when Ronald got back to his home, he passed away peacefully in his sleep. And, as a kindness to their father, his children took his ashed to the bench and let them go into the river. From that day on, Randal’s children made sure to visit the bench at least once a year to remember all of the things that their father had taught them and to remember what a wonderful man he had been.

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