Anarchy Qualities & Attitudes Within Law Enforcement

Anarchy in America is on the rise as television shows and recent fast action movies are making the concept even more popular but without deliberate intent, making the behavior more socially acceptable within law enforcement circles. Recent events such as the Fast and Furious weapons scandal Department of Justice investigation is a prime example of we are dealing with today. Looking at some of this kind of philosophy in role models, you will find assimilation everywhere from organized labor groups to Facebook followers to the type of clothes they wear and the motorcycles or vehicles they ride or own illustrates their anti-social behaviors and attitudes in public forum. In fact, this anarchist movement seems to be alive and well among those who have sworn to uphold the law and maintain order within our own societies while wearing a badge. Looking at the definition of the word one must take into considerations various forms out there that mimic or resemble whatever they may believe their own ideology represents through their own actions, words or behaviors. Reading ” a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society,” you can put a face on individuals who endorse such behavior or ideology contrary to the sacred oath they have sworn to uphold and to “serve and protect” others from lawlessness and disruption.

The resemblance of dictatorial or authoritarian management styles confirms elements of such ideology is present with all its associated prejudices and biases. Justice is perceived to be about restitution and not retribution. It has also grown into a sense of entitlement that clouds their judgment in cases that covers the good of all rather than the desires of a few. Their personal beliefs vary from using the government as a protective device to embellishing the use of private contracts to deliver personal gain or wealth as they exhort their rights to collect compensation in most cases. Hence we see examples of private property anarchism versus government property and associated governmental laws. They replace their opinion and argue that private contractors or individuals have the right to provide services such as law, security and other governmental services now in the process of being privatized by many government agencies to save costs etc. The facts are that today, there are many governmental roles being converted into privatized roles to suit the needs of the individuals involved in these transactions. In addition, there are attitudes that are making it clear about who is in a position of power and who are subordinates to that order of power.

Going further or deeper into these arguments, they want society to function without a state owned court or police illustrating the recent events where police take matters into their own hands and use excessive force and even lethal force more common today than ever before making such decisions on their own personal values rather than training received. . This further translates into the oversight of prisons and jails as they propose competition for such services as the prime reason for the change creating legitimate avenues for injecting these anarchist feelings into the environment. Regarding law enforcement how would public safety be handled under a non state legal system and what would privatized entities do to reduce street crime and operate prisons. It is with much certainty that the enforcement of non-state laws would be unpredictable in nature and difficult to create a blueprint of how both misdemeanor and felony crimes would be resolved under such conditions “would be futile and counterproductive.”

It is more likely that these personalities reflecting anarchy and noncompliance to rules and regulations is the main factor that has created mass incarceration efforts to fill the prisons where these individuals can wield their power and control over those imprisoned without any recourse or relief from the outside as their “torture” is not documented but rather denied vehemently to the public or the courts. Therefore, it is the transition of a state owned government to a privatized government that is being created today by those in power and seeking to absolve all ties with government to further enhance their own wealth and power while creating future financial possibilities after their government service is completed to undergo such a transition from state to private in a new endeavor enriched by state taxes and obligations to give it full term benefits for a very long time.


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