And with the First Pick of the 2012 Draft the Indianapolis Colts Select

So what happens if the Colts finish dead last and have the number one overall pick? Peyton Manning is getting older every day and may have three good years left in him. But what happens after Manning leaves? The franchise will go into a downfall again and have a season like this for many years until they are able to overcome the fall of Peyton Manning. Now what if the Colts act now and save their future before it leaves for retirement? With the number one overall pick, the Colts could take Andrew Luck and skip those dreadful years where teams watch their star quarterback leave. Then they have to wait until the next star comes around.

With the first pick of this year’s draft, the Colts can take the next superstar Andre Luck. He is a one of a kind athlete that dominates all others. He has a football mind and can learn systems quickly. Although he is losing ground in the Heisman trophy race, he is still clearly the number one quarterback in this year’s upcoming draft. He is doing a lot this year with absolutely no help around him. He is the best player on the Stanford team and could be having the best season of a college quarterback (if he had a better set of receivers around him). He has incredible arm strength, size, smarts and demeanor. He is a total package and is a safe bet to be the number one overall pick.

The Colts have a decision to make and it could decide what happens to this franchise in the next five years. If they don’t take Andrew Luck, they are passing up on incredible talent that another team will take with the second pick. Then they are stuck with Peyton for three to four more years and maybe some years that aren’t going to be his best. We also don’t know if Manning will be healthy or not for next season. If they do take Luck, the Colts are in a very awkward situation. What do they do with Peyton Manning?

First of all they could keep both quarterbacks. Have Luck sit behind Manning for a couple of years and groom him into an elite quarterback like Aaron Rodgers. Is it what Andrew luck wants? Does it matter? Not really. It’s not his choice but it could be a good thing for him. He could sit behind a team known for its offense and learn from one of the best, if not the greatest, quarterbacks in the league. It might not be a bad idea for the Colts to do this. They would get those three years of Manning and still have a chance to groom Luck into a franchise quarterback. The biggest question remaining is what exactly does Peyton want?

I believe if they do go after Andrew Luck that Peyton manning will ask to leave for a different team. He knows what it is like to be the biggest talk of the draft and be a rookie thrown into action. Andrew Luck is a type of player who is ready for the NFL at a young age. Peyton Manning might ask to leave and that leaves the Colts with some options. Manning will understand that Luck is ready to play and he will take that as a sign that his time in Indianapolis is over.

Where will he go you might ask? There are several destinations that he could possibly land. Washington, Miami, and Denver would be the top three spots for him to go. Miami’s current situation is a good fit for Manning. Their defense is playing well and their offense is trying really hard to keep up. They have Brandon Marshall who is a top receiver. This situation would also make for a huge rivalry between Manning and Brady, who would now face off twice a year.

Washington sounds like the best place for him to be. They have a great defense that is certainly under rated. Their offense is horrendous and no one realizes just how good the defense is. This Washington team is one Peyton Manning and one decent receiver away from being a contending team. They already have Fred Davis, Chris Cooley, Santana Moss, and Jabar Gaffney. They have a good line and two decent running backs. Mike Shanahan is known for coaching veteran quarterbacks and the Redskins could finally rise up from the bottom of the NFC East.

The last place he could end up is Denver. He could turn around the franchise in one season. It would solve the whole Tim Tebow debate. Since the Broncos could trade him to Jacksonville and in the end, that would make everyone happy. The Bronco fans could not complain about losing Tebow since they would be gaining Manning, and Jacksonville fans would be getting a home town hero. The Broncos defense has been the best part of that team this year. With Von Miller becoming a strong defender for that team, a trade for an offensive weapon might not seem so offsetting at all. That division is in shambles. The chiefs went from a 11-5 season to an awful season. Phillip Rivers is not having a great year and the Raiders have been up and down this entire season. With Peyton Manning leading the Broncos, that team could be very dangerous.

In the end it’s a very hard decision to make. Either you keep both and make Andrew Luck sit behind Manning, or you trade one of them and get draft picks back for the one you traded. It is a very hard decision to make and you can’t go wrong with either choice. Manning has been the face of this franchise for a long time and his time is almost done in the NFL. When you lose a franchise quarterback, your team needs to pick up the pieces and move on with what you have. Imagine picking up the pieces with Andrew luck as your quarterback.

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