Andy Rooney Dies a Month After Leaving ’60 Minutes’

On a sad Friday night in New York, Andy Rooney passed away just a short month after leaving “60 Minutes.” Rooney had underwent surgery not long after leaving the show. From what David Bauder of the Associated Press says, Andy never recovered from complications of his surgery.

With that said, this is one person who will miss Rooney’s musings. As long as I can remember, I had watched him on “60 Minutes.” I liked watching him give his crotchety opinion on everything under the sun that annoyed him from telephone books to boxes of cereals to people to the oddities most of us never take a second look at.

When I watched his final episode on “60 Minutes,” I wondered if it was really the right thing for him to do. In my life I have known several people of both sexes who had retired and not lived long after stopping work. Although Andy’s end didn’t come due to this, but due to his body not being able to mend the way it should after surgery.

This is another thing I have known for people to die from at Andy’s age and some even younger than him. Either way, Andy will be missed by his family, friends, co-workers, and fans; even though he hated people asking for his autograph. I don’t think he truly got that people loved to hear what he thought about everyday things he talked about on the show. Basically, he said what most of us had wanted to say and never could or would.

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