Andy Rooney Dies Today, Age 92

Mr. Andy Rooney passed away today, according to HuffPost, after an undisclosed surgery performed on Rooney. The surgery resulted in major complications which sadly, Mr. Rooney did not recover from.

A “60 Minutes” icon, noted for his signature commentaries of life’s absurdities. Rooney’s impact and contributions to journalism will be missed by a world wide audience.
In his own words, Rooney decribed his journalistic approach as such: “A writer’s job is to tell the truth, that’s what a writer does.”

However, despite Rooney’s great, yet cynical-humor contributions to journalism, his half witted commentaries often douced him in hot water.

Rooney was suspended by CBS for three months in 1960 for racist remarks in an open interview (which he later denied).
His attitude towards the gay rights movement also had major issues with the movement with his idiotic take on their association with the AIDS epidemic.
Rooney triggered anger among native Americas with his rather daft perspective of their money making rackets through casinos.
As Rooney himself put it so aptly when he said, “One of my major shortcomings – I’m vindictive, I don’t know why. Even in petty things in my life I tend to strike back”.

Rooney was one of TV’s few voices to oppose the Iraq war that was launched under the George W Bush administration in 2002.

Among the many awards received by Rooney, four Emmys stand tall in his checkered career.
A most notable of the Emmy awards was his investigation on Mrs. Smith’s Pies. Rooney’s fact finding examination on this American favorite eatery, turned out to be that there really is no ‘Mrs. Smith’ behind the pie product. This uncovered truth did not faze the American palate in any way, and continues to remain to this day, a household favorite.

According to Brian Rooney, services for Andy Rooney will be private.
CBS however, will hold a public memorial in the near future.


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