Angela the Muse a Print Model’s Interview

Angela the Muse is a graceful model with extraordinary versatility and charm. Her adaptability to wear many hats is most notable in her fashion pictures which happen to be the side of the industry that she loves the most. She withdraws inspiration and admires Miles Aldridge and Terry Richardson.

She believes in her assertive intuition, and is thankful that she listened to it when she became a model. She consults her intuition in everything she does and feels this has been the reason of her success. Angela the Muse, as she preferres to be called, is fascinated by the opportunity she has received to express her creativity through her modeling work, and loves the fact that she can contribute to make the world a more beautiful place (through print art). Angela told us with confidence that “life is what you create of it, and I live my life believing that I can create wonderful things through my work.” She faces the world with an optimistic view because she also happens to be lucky enough to love what she does.

“One of the downsides of being a model is when you become a product, because sometimes people forget that you have feelings.” said Angela. And sometimes she hesitates to tell people what she does for a living because she is afraid to be encased as a narcissist, as someone materialistic; but on the contrary, she is very much down-to-earth.

“The industry is filled with challenges but if you work hard, you can fulfill your dreams and be happy with the results. Every time that I have considered to retire, I get this nostalgic feeling that prevents me from doing so, because regardless of the cons of the business, the pros simply outweigh the rest. I feel so blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to be a model, and I can tell you with confidence that the obstacles have made me a better person, one that is more mature, one that can appreciate life and art.”

Angela the Muse

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