Angels as Messengers and Healers

Angels are traditionally the messengers of God. The word “angel” actually derives from the Greek word for messenger. They are spiritual beings with great and mysterious power. They are associated with beauty, nature, peace, joy and love. Many people today sense the presence of angels around them and believe that they receive ongoing guidance and help from them in their daily lives.

People’s experience of angels include things such as, apparitions, direct messages, indirect messages, being touched and being pushed out of the way of danger. People have described apparitions of them from looking like ordinary people to looking like traditional images of winged beautiful people. They have also been described as pillars of light. Although people have reported seeing angels, most people who successfully communicate with them do not actually see them.

People will call on their angels when they become ill, worried or depressed. Some people will only seek help and contact for major problems; others will talk to their angels all the time and ask for guidance on even the smallest things in life, such as what to choose for lunch. People will ask the angels to help others. Again this can involve the big things in life and also the very small.

Many psychics use a connection with angels to help them hone their psychic abilities. Some say that they allow them to control their abilities. Through building their links with them and understanding their messages they are able to focus and direct their psychic powers to much greater effect. They will often say that their psychic abilities would not develop without this connection. The angels do not give the power they guide people to use it through the spiritual connection.

You do not need to be a trained psychic to experience communication with angels. Many people regularly feel that they receive messages from angels. So much so that Angel Therapy has emerged as a way of engaging with them. Angel therapy comes from the idea that angels are messengers and healers. If we listen they will guide us and through the guidance we will be healed. Communicating properly with angels is the key to contentment. Angel therapy shows people how to make proper contact with the angels around them.

Angel therapy teaches how to engage with, hear and act positively upon the messages that the angels are giving. This enhanced communication is reported to give people increased confidence in their lives and a real feeling of spiritual healing. People who learn effective communication with the angels will realise that they are always there beside them at every point in their lives, giving them guidance, help and healing throughout the day and night.

Rachel Saxon writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry and offers fact based unbiased advice and overviews.

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