Angry Birds: The Most Innovative Game of 2011

There are only quite a handful of games that takes the limelight from other video games. In order for a game to be THAT game, here are some things that I have observed that they must have: Innovation. This is probably the most important since a lot of aspects falls into this category. New concept, new characters and new game play. Affordability, games should not cost too much so that they can be acquired by more people. Multi platform availability is also a plus since more devices can play that game. And of course, publicity: Jumping into what’s hot and new can attract more players.

Some of the most notable games in the same category are Super Mario Brothers and Plants Versus Zombies. You see them everywhere from clothes to toys. But this year, one of the most innovative games to come out is Angry Birds. It’s so unique that you’ll probably get hooked to it minutes after you start playing it. Gamers are sometimes categorized between those who love RPGs, action games, puzzle games, fighting games, etc. But Angry Birds appeal to almost anyone.

Angry Birds revolve around birds that are mad at the pigs for taking their eggs. As the player, you slingshot the birds into different pig fortresses aiming to destroy the pigs with the number of birds you are allotted to. With the right angle, you can target the fortress and topple it hoping it would crush the pigs. As soon as you’ve beaten all pigs in a level, you are now able to access the next level.

The possibilities are almost limitless. There are different types of birds with their own abilities. Expansions are also a plus since there’s one called Angry Birds Rio and another one which is Angry Birds Seasons. One major plus of this game is the number of levels.

As I’ve mentioned, one good aspect of a game is its access to devices. There are versions that you can play on mobile phones and other handheld devices. And some on gaming machines such as the PC and probably gaming consoles. The more people that can play, the better exposure the game can have.

Angry Birds is all over the place. Here in Manila, you see department stores filled with clothes, toys and all other Angry Birds inspired stuff. Some are bootlegs or imitations and a lot do sell original merchandise. A lot of people are caught in the Angry Birds craze. I’m sure it will last quite longer or probably as much as Plants Versus Zombies did. But nevertheless, those are main reasons why this is the best game, for me, thus far in 2011.

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