Anti-Aging Lip Treatments

Are your once juicy lips showing their age? Does every lipstick application result in smeared, streaking lipstick? If you answered yes, you are not alone! Sun damage, smoking, and chronic dry skin plays havoc on sensitive lips; however, age is typically the main culprit. You can’t spend the rest of your life with a hand over your mouth! Try anti-aging lip treatments and restore lip confidence.

According to WebMD, there’s two methods for treating aging in this oh so obvious area: topical or invasive. Invasive method like injections or implants are expensive and the results aren’t guaranteed. Most women choose to use a topical anti aging lip treatment. These are temporary fixes but some can improve the skin a great deal over time. Soothe your lips with plumping treatments.

Lip scrubs: Exfoliation isn’t just for the face and body, it’s for the lips too. However, don’t reach for the body scrub – it’s too rough for tender lip skin. Purchase a lip-specific scrub and apply it once or twice a week. This sloughs away dead skin on and around the lips bringing fresh cells to the top. Follow up each scrub treatment with a luscious lip balm.

Lip plumpers: Lip plumping products that contain cinnamon or other gentle irritants cause the lips to swell, giving them a fuller, pouty look. Plumpers only last a few hours so you’ll need to reapply this product frequently. If you move in for a kiss, use caution. A little lip contact could result in plumping his lips too! Plumping products come in tubes and gloss applications.

Lip masks: Masking the lips works a lot like masking the face. A mask tightens skin and puts everything back in its place, at least for a little while. Smear on a lip mask, let it set, then rinse it away with cool water. Mask treatments also soothe the skin so enjoy!

Lip serums: Many well-known beauty companies like Oil of Olay and Sally Hansen sell anti-aging serums just for the lips. Treat vertical lip lines and crepey, dry skin with lip products from a brand you trust. These products work by hydrating the lips at cellular level, and infusing them with micro fillers like peptides.

It’s never too late to correct bad skin behaviors like pursing your lips or chain smoking. Stop those nasty habits and enjoy a pretty, unwrinkled smile longer!

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