Anti-Social Tendencies

A genius in matters of the classroom and the boardroom
The exact opposite after the clock strikes five
Embarassed to have the social skills of a baby Kangaroo
Always jittery and jumping around after eating a pound of sugar
The power of rational speech is elusive as marriage is to Jennifer Lopez
Would rather spin in a hamster cage wheel than go to a Yankee’s game
A complete imbecile when it comes to using Facebook
No new friend requests since the Philles won the World Series
Unable to play miniature golf without breaking someone’s nose
Can’t even get a high score playing Pac Man or any X-Box game
Karaoke is only friends to the overly drunk or American Idol wannabes
Avoiding all outside contact for fear of tripping in front of everyone
Uncomfortable when invited to friend’s birthday parties and holiday events
Sweaty palms and stomach caught in a choke hold with the lungs
Can’t breathe or even digest food without picturing a fast moving Ferris wheel
Time is the enemy for those looking for a Speedy Gonzalez type exit
Better to leave your Timex at home for the time being
Need to focus on loosening your internal chokehold before it’s too late
Make a graceful exit before the welcome wagon is completely torched
Take a deep breath and relax before you RSVP to another party
That’s an order.

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