Apps that Talk Back Give Kids Another Way to Chat on the Phone

Talking Tom Cat (Free) is one of those great apps that’s a little bit hard to classify. The app features an animated 3D cat that you can interact with by touching the screen. When you talk to the cat (through your iPhone’s microphone, or microphone headphones if you’re using an iPod), and Talking Tom will repeat back everything you say, but in a funny voice. You can use your device record a video of the cat saying whatever you want, and then send that video to your friends or post it to YouTube or Facebook.

Some might argue that it’s not a game in the traditional sense, but just try to tell that to my niece – if it includes funny voices and repetitive speech, it’s a game! This app was an instant success on the iPhone, and was quickly followed by similarly themed games. If you’re looking to make a few new friends, check out these apps like Talking Tom Cat.

Talking Tom Cat 2 (Free) is similar to the original Talking Tom Cat, but here there’s a dog named Ben that you can use to tease Tom. If you have both this app and the original Talking Tom Cat, you can even make the two cats play with and talk to one another. If you like Ben the Dog, you can also interact with him in his own app, called Talking Ben the Dog (Free).

If you’d prefer interacting with other animals, there is a Talking Gina the Giraffe app (Free). Besides the ability to feed and pet the giraffe, and to have it repeat back in a funny voice whatever you say, the app also has a hand clapping rhythm game, with 32 levels and three different speeds. This makes the app even more interactive and enjoyable for those who like the goals and challenges of traditional games. Reaching higher levels gets you new features within the app.

Talking Rex the Dinosaur ($0.99 for the iPhone, $2.99 for iPad) is an app that will repeat back in a deep ominous voice whatever you say to it. You can also feed the T-rex, and play fetch with it.

Talking Harry the Hedgehog ($0.99 for the iPhone, $2.99 for iPad) repeats things back in a funny bored voice. You can give Harry different types of energy drinks, and he will enter either “karate mode” or “bullet dodge mode”, which makes it extra challenging for you when you try to touch or interact with him.

Talking Larry the Bird ($0.99 for the iPhone, $2.99 for iPad) offers another level of interactivity (besides being able to make him repeat things in a funny voice). You can play notes and songs on a virtual piano keyboard and Larry will whistle back the tune as you play it.

Younger users might enjoy the purple hippo in Talking Baby Hippo ($0.99 for the iPhone, $2.99 for iPad), who takes what you say and repeats it back in a baby voice. You can give the baby hippo a pacifier, send it a butterfly, or tickle it and watch it laugh.

There are also apps like Talking Tom Cat that allow you to interact with non-animals, including Talking Lila the Fairy ($0.99 for the iPhone, $2.99 for iPad), Talking Santa ($0.99 for the iPhone, $1.99 for iPad) and Talking Roby the Robot (Free). Each of these apps has its own particular features, while keeping the very popular “funny voice” and video recording functions.

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