Archive Gmail Email Attachments with MailBrowser

Ever wish you could search your Gmail account from your desktop? Now you can! MailBrowser is a free plugin which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Think of MailBrowser as the simple version of Microsoft Outlook made specifically for Gmail. It takes only a few minutes to set up. The best part – synchronization happens automatically, meaning one less step for you.

Download The Plugin

Both Windows and Mac users are in luck. Simply visit MailBrowser and select the appropriate link for your operating system. Follow the prompts to install the plugin in your chosen browser. Remember, the main three are all supported. Please note that the creators are no longer developing updates for MailBrowser, but the latest version is available for free and continues to be so indefinitely.


Once MailBrowser is installed, restart your browser. All that’s required is closing all open browser windows and reopening at least one. The MailBrowser screen appears on the on the side of your browser window. The first thing you see is a message stating “No Accounts Added.” Get started by clicking the Click Here to add an account link.

Follow the prompts to enter your Gmail address and password. This information will be stored on your computer, but is not sent to any third party. All information is safely stored locally only. Think of it as using the “Remember Me” option on many desktop applications. Press Save when you are done. Please note you can change the options for each individual Gmail account you add by selecting Preferences from the Accounts section of MailBrowser.

Synchronization begins when you finish adding an account. You can add multiple accounts. You can also choose which files to download or sync to your computer, such as full messages or just attachments. It is important to setup as many preferences as possible when you first set up an account. This prevents the need to make changes later or delete unnecessary downloads from your Gmail account.

What You Can Do With It

MailBrowser serves as a backup for all the important attachments you receive. It also backs up contacts and other message details from Gmail. If you need to search for an attachment, all you need to do is open MailBrowser and enter your search terms. All matches are displayed quickly. This is a feature Gmail currently can’t compete with.

Since files are stored locally, if something happens with your Gmail account, your files are still safe on your computer. Anyone who receives numerous attachments and has a long list of contacts will find this plugin especially useful. If you just want some added protection against Gmail problems, MailBrowser is still helpful.

Changing The Sidebar

You do not have to keep the obstructive sidebar open at all times. Close the sidebar when you’re not using the plugin. Press the MailBrowser icon in your browser’s toolbar (varies based on browser) to open the sidebar again.

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