Are Bachelorette Parties for Good Girls?

A lot of brides wonder, can I have a bachelorette party and still be viewed as a good girl? Many mothers and grandmothers advise their daughters that only “bad” women have bachelorette parties, and that a girl’s reputation can be tarnished by a wild night out on the town. So, these older women say, don’t have a bachelorette party at all.

However, for most modern brides, a bachelorette party is a right of passage, and a fair deal since the groom will undoubtedly have a bachelor party. Why should the boys be the only ones who get to celebrate the last days of being single?

Unfortunately, there is a tension between a traditional bachelorette party that may include strippers, random strangers at bars hitting on the girls, suck-a-buck tee shirts, and other penis shaped party favors, and maintaining some sense of dignity. For a lot of women, the thought of a wild bachelorette party with a male exotic dancer seems too risqué for it to be a fun night, and would make it a tedious exercise rather than a memorable adventure. Instead, many women opt for a stay at home, low key bachelorette party. This may be a great solution for girls who worry that they aren’t being a “good” fiancé if they go out and have guys hit on them all night, buying drinks for the bachelorette and making lewd comments. Instead, a bride-to-be can have a bachelorette party that is focused more on celebrating being a woman and having the women around her who mean the most.

This type of bachelorette party should be specifically requested if a bride is demure. No need to take a chance that one of your bridesmaids will think you want to go out to clubs and bars, if what you really want is a quiet night in. For a more simplistic, “nice girl” bachelorette party, it is great to focus on time with the girls in a way that seems more infused with class and propriety.

The party can be planned with pink as the theme – pink decorations, foods, and party favors, and guests wearing the girly hue. You can plan activities such as spa treatments, at home pedicures, or lighthearted games that are not bawdy as many bachelorette games tend to be. Another option is to host a bachelorette party slumber party, complete with pizza, sleeping bags, and girly movies. The point is that you can remain a “good” girl, and still celebrate your womanhood and fleeting single status with your girlfriends. Bachelorette parties don’t all have to be about wearing tight fitting clothes and flirting with strangers. Instead, the focus can remain on what makes the bride feel comfortable, supported, and loved by her bridesmaids and other female friends.

A small, intimate, at home bachelorette party may be the perfect solution for making the bride feel as though this right of passage has upheld her beliefs and allowed her to remain true to herself. Bachelorette parties can be whatever you want them to be!

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