Are Homosexuals Doomed to Burn in Hell’s Mighty Furnace?

If you listen to many so-called Christians they will attempt to convince you that they have a personal relationship with God and they know his every move. Some seem to think that they can personally condemn you to hell.

As a child, the scariest part of my life was going to church. Man, when they talked about all of that fire and brimstone I would have bad dreams about the devil chasing me. I am thankful to say I must have escaped.

I vividly recall asking my mother to explain God to me. She went on and on and the conversation became so confusing that I lost track of what she said. Even with all the confusion, I was able to really grasp one very important issue. That issue is present with me today and due to the lack of evidence to prove otherwise, I will accept the issue as being factual.

I was told out of nothing God created everything. Never mind the big bang and all the other stories out there, in my mind it is much simpler to believe that some entity created this place. I can’t buy into the theory that the big bang created everything, because if nothing was here someone or thing would have had to create the big bang.

One can say what they will or may, I believe that we are all a confused species trying to make it from day to day the best we can. If we happen upon someone who is perceived as being weak, we will make every attempt to convert them to think like us. When we think of power, we usually think of numbers, the more converts we assemble, the more powerful the group becomes.

No, I have not forgotten about our subject. I will get to that now.

Since I accept my fact that God created everything from nothing and that if I am to make it into heaven, I must adhere to certain rules and regulations. Simply put, I must undergo a vigorous on going test to make myself eligible to enter the kingdom.

Let me say this, some of you may perceive these comments as being blasphemous. I say to you that I in no way possess the intellectual ability to fully understand the works of the creator and if I say something that you think is blasphemous, just blame it on my ignorance and move on.

A Christian will tell you that God made the devil, but the devil didn’t really live up to God’s expectations so he was cast into hell to do his own thing. What kind of double talk is that? Since God is perfect, he cannot make an imperfect object. God said everything he made is good and I don’t think man can fully grasp that. In other words, they are saying God made a mistake when he created the devil.

Anyone with any reasonable intelligence must conclude that God knew exactly what he was doing when he created the devil. Who do they think made the serpent that was placed among Adam and Eve?

Let me get back to my qualifications for entering heaven. According to what I have heard and read, God commanded us to not judge one another. This makes perfect sense to me, because since he has this test going on, he must use different methods to ensure who is eligible for heaven.

Please, please don’t castigate me for saying this. Just maybe God created the gays to weed out those who would go against his command, by judging them. One often hears the word abomination, this word is all part of the test.

I read or heard someplace that God loves all his children, which must include whites, blacks and all others among us. To those of you who possess this hate thing be it for blacks, white and others, do you really think that heaven will be sectioned off to accommodate for our diverse differences.

To all of you that are still on this hate thing, please look up the word hermaphrodite. This one word should make you understanding the workings of God. Simply put, God can create a human to have body parts of one gender and the mindset of the other gender.






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