Argo Online Floresslah Fectisia East Cave Quest Guide

This is a quest guide to help new players get through the Fectisia cave east dungeon for Argo online. If you haven’t yet completed the Clank baker and Wooros quest, please read the Argo online level 15 quest guide before moving on. After entering the Fectisia cave east, your next mission will be to talk to Kiria Serine located at the eastern most part of the cave.

Kiria will ask you to kill 10 wolf trainers and 9 well-trained wolves, you should have seen them near Wooros while you were making your way to Kiria. Before you leave that area though, talk to the assistant chief Munetino Pantos to gain the kidnapped children quest. The wolf and the trainer are fairly easy to kill so it shouldn’t take you long to wipe them out. In order to complete Kiria’s quest you will need to leave the cave and talk to Marino Solrita at the West barracks. If you want you can leave the cave now to complete the mission. Now let’s move on to Munetino’s quest to save the lost children.

Rescuing the kidnapped children

When you are done with the wolf quest, make your way to the center of the cave and talk to Forte Engpang, she is the little girl in the cage. This is a special mission, you will have to break the cage open to talk to her, and then lead the kidnapped child back to Munetino. The catch is, you only have about 5 minutes to do it and the kid walks extremely slow. Don’t run too fast and leave her behind or the mission will fail. After you make it back to Munetino, talk to him to complete the mission and receive your next task.

Munetino will ask you to collect one persona time record, located at the south west part of the cave. You will have to make your way to the area with the Gray wing boss, he is standing near the center of the platform at the end of the cave. The records are located near there. Be extremely careful fighting your way through here because the other monster will get aggravated if they see you fighting and you can easily attract five through six monsters that will start attacking you at the same time. Having a team member to assist you wouldn’t be a bad idea to help you get through here. You can also attempt to grind to at least level 17 to try and make it through alive. You last choice is to just try your luck to solo through the monsters, but I’m warning you that at level 15 it’s going to be tough.

The Persona time records

The Gray wing mask boss isn’t hard to kill, but with all the other monsters around they will make the battle a lot more complicated. After you collect the records you will have to leave the cave and travel to the South barracks and talk to Woogto Naill to complete the quest. Talk to Woogto Naill again to gain a new quest to collect the persona masks located back inside of the Fectisia cave east, which means we’re going back into the east cave. If you haven’t done it already, don’t forget to complete your other quest to talk to Marino Solrita at the West barracks to complete your wolf mission.

The hunt for the persona idols

There are a total of 10 persona idol masks that you need to collect. The first set of masks is to the far north east part of the cave, just a little bit past the paralyzed poisonous scorpions. Two more are near the center of the cave where the little girl was kidnapped in the cage. If you travel deeper into the cave there are two more masks just south of the kidnapped child area, and there are also two near the persona’s hearth. The last two are near the Gray wing boss; just before you enter his alter. However, you don’t actually have to travel all way through the cave to collect the masks.

I discovered that you can collect the masks from the same area and it will count as a new mask. So in other words, it means that if you wait about thirty seconds, the persona idol masks will spawn back in the exact same location for you to recollect the mask over and over again until you have 10 of them. I would suggest running back and forth between the closest two masks so that while one mask is respawning you can quickly go and collect the mask from the next closest location instead of running all the way to the end of the dungeon. After all 10 of the masks are collected, report back to Woogto Naill to complete the last Fectisia cave east quest.

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