Argo Online: Floresslah Kelloare City Level 19 Quest Guide

This is a quest guide to help new Floresslah players get through the level 19 quests for Kelloare city. Make sure to read the level 18 quest guide because you will receive a free bucket from those quests. After you have reached level 18 you will need to head to the East barracks and talk to Corey Sordonis. He will ask you to deliver the restored text to Mumadan Sypedo, the guy standing on the opposite side Corey across the barracks. Mumadan will ask you to run to the Seumyugelro artist association sign and read it. The Seumyugelro artist association is up to the far north east near the Caverna Cave. The sign you are looking for is a glowing post near the entrance of the artist association building. Click the sign then return back to Mumadan to complete the quest.

Mumadan will give you a new task to go back up near the sign to deliver a letter to Baedni Miestan, the head of the artist association. After you complete the task Baedni will ask you to kill 10 of the Jaru floss monsters in the near by field for him. Don’t go charging into the center of the field because the Jaru floss get aggravated easily and will attract a large group that will surround you. After you kill the 10 Floss monsters, report back to Baedni to complete the quest.

Gathering the evidence

Not far from the Jaru floss monsters there is a strange jar sitting by a tree in the field. Click the jar to see what’s inside, and then report what you found to Dabida Mowni. Dabida is standing near the main road just a little bit below the Caverna cave entrance. He will ask you to return back to Baedni near the artist association and show him the strange jar.

Baedni needs you to defeat 8 of the two-faced members from the artist association. The artist members are surprisingly easy so you should be able to complete this task quickly. Once you are done run back down the road and report to Dabida to complete the quest.

Dabida will ask you to wipe out the rest of the Seumyugelro remnant and to also find the treasonous document and to locate items that they can use as evidence. Go back inside the artsist building and kill 8 of the Seumyugelro artist. The evidence you need is located at the very top of the building near a big head statue. After you have completed your task, report back to Mumadan at the East barracks to finish the mission.

Farm work

Don’t leave the East barracks yet. Kato Hompre will ask you to assist some farmers at the Ryuta Tea fields. You will need to kill 7 angry Haembura and to also collect 8 of the excited Haembura meat. The monsters are pretty timid so they don’t really get aggravated when you attack them so the quest should be easy for you. When you have what you need talk to Beach Maguna at the farm house to complete the quest. Beach will ask you to help him collect 7 bags of capra fur. The capra are a little bit to the south of the farm. After you have collected enough of the capra fur report back to Beach for your next task.

Beach now needs help saving his capra. You may have noticed while you were collected the fur that the hill wolves attack the small capra and will kill them if the capra wonder to close. This is actually your task. You will need to hunt down 7 hill wolves and 7 big hill wolves to save Beach’s capra. When you have eliminated the wolves return back to Beach to complete the quest.

Fulfilling old dreams

If you head directly north from the East barracks and follow the road up you will find a small bridge with a man named Creana J, talk to him to gain the next set of level 19 quests. Creana wants to capture a baby serebos, but he can’t get close to them because the momma serebos keeps attacking him. He needs your help to dispose of 6 mother serebos and to attempt to capture 8 baby serebos. It says to capture them alive, but you just have to kill them to complete the quest. When you have what you need talk to Creana again to complete the quest.

Next to Creana is a man named John Donejeu, he has your next quest. John is throwing a party and needs some help collecting the food. This is where you come in. You will need to kill 7 shaman boahkure and to collect 9 of the big shaman boahkure’s meat. You should already know where they are because you had to do a level 18 quests just a little while ago that involved hunting them down for their leather. But in case you forgot, they are just above the East barracks on a small hilltop. When you have collected the items and killed enough boahkure, return back to Joan Donejeu to complete the quest.

Long overdue revenge…

We’re now going to head back over to the Ryuta tea fields to talk to Beach Maguna. He will inform you that the Maekpi are causing trouble and that he needs you to assist him again. You will need to gather 6 steel claws from the Maekpi, destroy 7 of the big Maekpi’s tree houses, kill 7 red eye Maekpi, and kill 6 wild red eye Maekpi.

Everything you will be hunting is directly west from the Ryuta tea field farm. The steel clawed Maekpi are located within the tree houses and will pop out after you split the trees in half. After you have killed all of the Maekpi and have collect the claws, go make your way back to the Ryuta farm and report back to Beach to complete the quest.

Beach Maguna will give you a new task to kill a man named Byya Jetu. He has found evidence that he is a Florreslah traitor working with the Noblians. You will need to run all the way up to the Seumyugelro artist association and find Byya Jetu. The traitor has four bodyguards protecting him, but they are just normal Seumyugelro members. The boss and his four bodyguards are actually pretty easy, but just to make sure that they all die without any complications, activate your defense and attack valves on your bucket before charging in. After the traitor is dead, report your success back to Beach to complete the mission. Alright, you’re done with all the level 19 quests.

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