Arkansas Bird Watching: Cardinals, Grosbeaks and Friends

If you enjoy bird watching in Arkansas, there is almost no prettier family of birds to observe than cardinals, grosbeaks, and their allies. Blue, red, purple and other colors, these little birds are easy to find and fun to watch. For tips on finding and identifying cardinals, grosbeaks, and related species of birds in Arkansas, see below.

Northern Cardinal. This bright red bird is unmistakable from its merry crest and its sturdy thick bill. It also has a black mask and chin. Look for this large finch on the forest edges and lowlands of Arkansas, where you will see it foraging for seeds, grains, insects and fruits. Northern Cardinals are not uncommon in suburban areas as well, where you will see them hopping about on the ground or foraging in trees and bushes, searching for food.

Painted Bunting. Look for this gorgeous little bird in hedges, brushy areas, and the forest edges of Arkansas. You’ll easily identify it while bird watching from its blue head and nape, red eye ring, and bright red rump and underparts. It also has dark wings with green shoulders. Painted Buntings feed on insects, caterpillars, and seeds. This is one of the most beautiful birds you will ever see while bird watching in Arkansas, or anywhere.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak. You’ll be able to identify this large finch while bird watching in Arkansas from its black head and back, as well as its bright red breast. It also has a white rump, belly and sides, and a long black tail. Look for it in the forests and open fields of Arkansas, as well as in orchards, where you will find it foraging for seeds, fruit, berries, insects, and caterpillars.

Blue Grosbeak. This striking finch has a bright purplish-blue body, a black face, and very dark wings and a dark tail. You’ll find it while bird watching in Arkansas along roadside thickets, as well as in overgrown, wet pastureland. Look for it gleaning in the bushes and trees, hunting for seeds, fruits, and insects. This lovely bird is well worth looking for while bird watching in Arkansas.

Indigo Bunting. One of the smaller finches, the Indigo Bunting can be found while bird watching in the clearings and edges of forests, in overgrown pastures, and in Arkansas fields and meadows. Identify it from its iridescent, bright blue body, purple head, and black wings and tail tipped in blue. Look for it foraging for insects, seeds, and berries. One interesting fact about these little birds is that they migrate at night, using the stars to guide them on their way.

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