As Per Their History the GOP Will Appeal to Their Apathetic Proles’ Baser Instincts

They’ve already tried to blunt the effectiveness of any Democratic attempt to get the facts out about their caricatures of action figures (Perry, Bachmann, Palin) and man of the people clods ( Romney) who comprise their nominees. They long for the action figure of action figures ( Arnold and Teflon Ronnie ) and ultimate man of the people ( W and Teflon Ronnie ), but will make do with their standard fare of politics of personal destruction.

The propaganda principles contained in the following article will be repeated ad nauseum throughout the campaign, but isn’t this a little early? The article “Obama’s best hope for reelection is destroying GOP nominee” could have been written by Lee Atwater or his prized pupil, “Turd Blossom”, Herr Karl Rove.

Bush 43 stacked the US Supreme Court with right-wing stooges who, in one of their earliest decisions, made it easier for GOP power brokers like Bush 43’s “Pioneer” or “Ranger” contributors to buy elections.

The article is assuming that its readers don’t know that the big money in the last election went to the GOP because they adhere to what their buyers demand. The GOP will always get the lion’s share of the fat cats’ money because the GOP’s platform of tax cuts for the rich corresponds directly to their masters’ demands.

The article states “When President Obama broke with long-standing tradition and blasted the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Citizens United even as members of the court sat before him at the 2010 State of the Union address, he was giving voice to the collective anxiety of the Democratic Party over a suddenly level political playing field.

In the decision’s aftermath, the unions lost an enormous advantage in fundraising and campaign spending in that all individuals and organizations – including corporations – were suddenly entitled to spend on political messages any amount those individuals and organizations deemed wise. The president was angry.

However, chances are today he is very, very thankful for Citizens United as Campaign 2012 gets underway.”

The author of this, Examiner columnist Hugh Hewitt, is a leading GOP propagandist and he ignores reality when dealing with his intended audience, the trusting proles.. Citizens United decision was based on the ideas that spending money on elections is speech and that corporations claim the First Amendment right to free speech which was meant for people.

Democrats introduced legislative responses to the Citizens United v FEC decision in H.R. 5175 and of H.J. Res 74, which the GOP filibustered.

Reading Hewitt’s pack of lies makes my head hurt. He’s implying the pennies that the unions can spend on elections can match the swag that the fat cats can give to their cronies and that somehow President Obama will get some of top 1%’s money. .

The article states “We are entering the first campaign in which the full effects of Citizens United will be felt, and Republican voters should be considering not just who can raise the most money or be the beneficiary of the most independent expenditures, but who is best positioned to survive the coming deluge of independently-funded politics of personal destruction.

For although the president lambasted the court for returning the operation of the First Amendment to its original intent of protecting political speech, he now may well be celebrating the decision for empowering the best hope he has of re-election: the demonization and destruction of his GOP opponent.”

Why does Hewitt think the Democrats were against this bill? The proles wouldn’t realize it just as the phrase “politics of personal destruction” means phony GOP goons dropping their gs and appealing to hate, death and fear.

Perry, Palin and Bachmann are stooges. Any politician running against them has to deal with their policies and personalities. How can the GOP accuse President Obama of being un-American and not accept their speeches to be analyzed? It is the same GOP that Boehner admitted couldn’t address the concept of compromises. They are little bullies who insist on having everything their own way!

The article states “Will a sliced-and-diced version of the video of Rick Perry praying at a recent rally run in an endless loop in attack ads with sinister music playing beneath it and a scroll suggesting this most amiable of men intends some sort of theocracy?

Will the public hear heavily edited excerpts of Sarah Palin saying that she can see Russia from her from porch, or of Michele Bachmann talking about Elvis or Concord?”

Who are the Democrats campaigning against? We have to present the voters with the candidates, unlike the GOP who typically portray Democratic candidates in the worst possible light. Remember two decorated war heroes–Max Cleland, who was portrayed as an ally of bin laden and John Kerry, whose very acts of bravery were called into question by chicken hawk GOP goons?

The GOP knows the facts. Democrats aren’t as vicious as they are. John Kerry campaigned with his friend Max Cleland knowing that Herr Karl Rove would attack one of his strongest assets-his war medals, thus making Kerry’s very defense of his courage and bravery into a liability.

The GOP knows how the US MSM works. Every time a Democrat defends his sterling qualities-in John Kerry’s case his war record, the US MSM has to give the GOP a response, which typically isn’t attached to the reality of the situation, but is their well practiced politics of personal destruction attack. The proles sucks that up even if they don’t understand the words, they can see the sniveling Democrat being beaten by their red state protector.

Who can President Obama have campaigning with him as John Kerry had Max Cleland in the vain attempt of inoculating himself against the inevitable GOP politics of personal destruction attack? Who can show he is an American if all of the documentation that President Obama hasn’t stopped this insane attack? The GOP loves to attack President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Since this policy largely mimics Romney’s health care reform in Massachusetts maybe President Obama should campaign with unless he wins the GOP nomination.

Doesn’t that last statement show the amazing lack of intelligence that the GOP’s political campaigns are geared to appeal to? After he saved our economy, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act was the centerpiece of his first term. He gave the GOP many concessions in this legislation so that it could become law and it ended up matching Mitt Romney’s policy. Romney isn’t a centrist Republican-he is firmly in the conservative camp; therefore President Obama’s Affordable Care Act isn’t a left leaning piece of legislation. The GOP has made repealing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act a centerpiece of their recent political agenda. They have labeled it as Socialistic.

Orwell talks about “doublethink”. Ego psychologists talk about “cognitive dissonance”. They come down to how it is hard to have conflicting ideas simultaneously like supporting Romney’s health care reform and being against the nearly identical President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The GOP addresses this by simply begging the simple minded proles to believe whatever they are currently saying even if it conflicts with reality or history-in other words don’t think.

The GOP is attacking President Obama’s Affordable Care Act while they are supporting Romney’s Presidential campaign, even though Romney’s central achievement was legislation that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act emulated. How stupid do they think the proles are?

The GOP loves to lie that President Obama ruined our economy. Maybe he could have Reagan’s OMB Dir David Stockman support him in his campaign.

The article “GOP Caused Economic Apocalypse – So Says Reagan’s OMB Dir David Stockman” contains information from a respected GOP economist who concisely articulates that the GOP caused our economic problems.

The article states “David Stockman was President Ronald Reagan’s supply side OMB director in 1980s. …..

In effect Republicans borrowed money to give to the wealthy and want to continue borrowing money to give to the wealthy while the average American pays the interest on said debt….

David Stockman’s article had four distinct tenets in which he hits Republican’s hard. In effect the demise of our economic system is predicated mostly to all the supply side policies driven by them under cover of Economist Milton Friedman.”

What caused this debt explosion?

The article states “This debt explosion has resulted not from big spending by the Democrats, but instead the Republican Party’s embrace, about three decades ago, of the insidious doctrine that deficits don’t matter if they result from tax cuts….

The unabated expansion of the financial sector with a corrupt shadow banking system that brought us corrupt financial instruments like credit default swaps to insure junk securitized mortgages….

The avid support of policies (deregulation though he did not say that specifically) that outsourced our jobs, both high and low end.

Most importantly the article provides a glimpse of who benefited from these policies as well as illustrated the decaying effect of the gap between the rich and the poor. It is imperative that this paper gets coverage as the narrative being put out is a disservice to every American. It has allowed Republican failed policies to seem plausible though they are devoid of reality.”

Reality and history are on President Obama’s side in the forthcoming campaign. Will these attributes sway enough apathetic members of the common masses? Sadly these lost souls don’t decide until the last minute. Will the GOP propaganda campaign aimed at appealing to their proles’ baser instincts sway enough information free red staters?

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