Ashes to Ashes, Dust to …..The Cremation Alternative

When Master glass blower Robert Shield lost his brother to a massive heart attack in 2009 he, like so many of us at times like these, was devastated and at a complete loss as to how he could keep his brothers spirit alive amongst his family members.

Robert is known amongst his fellow Glass Craftsmen as the “Royal Glass Blower”, since his hand blown creation of a horse and carriage was chosen as a gift from Australia to the Royal couple, The Duke and Duchess of York in 1985. Robert now heads the Studio Royal International Glass Blowing Academy in Henderson Nevada.

After 18 months Robert has developed a unique process for fusing human or pet cremated remains (ashes) into an amazing Glass Art creation that can be worn as a necklace or displayed as a beautiful reminder of that special someone you held so dear.

Many families are today selecting cremation for their loved ones remains.

Most of us are not aware that today over half the deceased in the United States are cremated. Cremation is not new. It has been a practice around the world for centuries. Many experts believe that eventually over 80% of the world’s deceased will be cremated. As we become more aware and concerned at protecting the Earth’s environment coupled with the lower cost, cremation becomes the natural choice for families around the world.

Human Ash’s can today, with modern techniques be transformed what are referred to as ‘keepsakes’ including simulated diamonds (Priced from $2000 up!) and into a wide variety of beautiful glass vases and keepsake items. Robert has chosen to focus on just two designs – His world famous glass Teardrop and a four and a half inch tall hand spun glass Angel.

With so many Military families choosing to have their dearly departed’s ashes scattered, sometimes at Sea, Robert now provides the option to retain a small token amount of these precious ashes forever in the form of a beautiful piece of Art as unique as the individual from whose remains it was created. Military families who deal directly with the studio receive a substantial discount. Full details and pricing are displayed on Robert’s web site and are available at under $100.00 to Military families.

Glass Vases and Bowls are created at the workshop of The Edge Art Gallery, in Oregon

If your budget extends to Diamonds -$2,500 – $20,000; you will find all you need at LifeGems.

Whilst Nevada ranks amongst the top states in America for cremations (over 60%) no one competes with the Japanese who currently cremate 98% of their deceased.

In Hong Kong, where the problem is storage of family ashes, the ‘keepsake’ solution may very well be the answer.

Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD ( )

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