Assorted Map Coasters

What is it about a map that is so charming when you use it for crafts or decorator projects? After all, it’s just a large piece of paper, with lots of squiggly lines or colored markers – why does it seem to be the perfect medium for creating lampshades, scrapbook layouts, or wall hangings? Part of the intrigue might come from the fact that a particular map is so old. Another part of it might be that the map represents a favorite place you love to visit with your family. No matter why maps are special to you, go get some of them you’ve collected, and use them to make coasters. There are different types of coasters you can create, depending on the particular type you want.

When you start with a paper doily you can make a coaster that could be disposable or reused. Cut a circle of paper from the map and attach it to the center of the doily. A paper doily has intricate, lace-like patterns around the edges, but a solid piece in the middle. Apply white glue and lay the map piece on it. Cut a circle of clear contact paper and cover the map piece with it. The doily coaster is particularly easy for a child to make. To reuse this coaster, just wipe off the contact paper with a damp cloth.

Make a more substantial map coaster by using a piece of wood from a craft store. Thin wooden pieces can cost as little as a dime a piece, and are available in various shapes and sizes. Purchase circles, squares, or other shapes.

Cut the map piece to fit over the chosen wooden piece. Apply decoupage glue to the wood, position the picture, then coat the picture with the glue. When that has dried, coat it once again. After two or three coats the dry glue covering can be lightly sanded with soft steel wool.

There are some things you can use, along with the map pieces, to embellish the coasters. For example, you can use a sticker car, and just stick it somewhere on the map. Other things you could use include paper shapes, colored marker accents, or even a little glitter.

Map coasters can be difficult to find and, when you do locate some, they’re not cheap. The coasters featured here are very inexpensive to make, yet look spectacular around a den, in a kitchen, or even on your bedroom night stands.

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