Asthma: Are You Trying to Kill Us?

This time of year is often very hard for those of us with asthma. It is the most scent filled season of the year, and everyone thinks it’s great. I would too, if I could enjoy it and still breathe. Here are a few things for you to consider:

Perfume: Many perfumes contain ingredients that can trigger an attack. All it takes is one whiff, particularly if it is used in extravagant abundance. If you must use perfume, keep it to a minimum. If you notice someone near you quietly reaching for an inhaler or seeming to choke on something, you may want to find a different perfume. That one is a trigger.

Air Freshener: I could have told the scientists studying this issue that air freshener causes asthma attacks a long time ago. I have asthma, and they can trigger an attack in me. Not all of them do, thankfully, but I have to be very careful. Before spraying your house with eau du pine, be aware that twenty-five percent of us are allergic. Those of us who are allergic and have asthma may stop breathing on you.

Incense. I like incense…at least that first whiff or two before I have to leave. It’s basically smoke based. It doesn’t matter what the scent is, if it’s too close, it will cause problems.

Strong Cleaners: I know you have to use them, but some forewarning is a good idea, especially if you choose something pine based. There are things in my house my husband has to clean because I can’t clean them and breathe.

Smoking: I know users of tobacco get picked on a lot, and this isn’t meant to pick on you. You can smoke all you want, but please don’t do it around an asthmatic. Like the incense, it is a strong trigger for an attack. I don’t like asking you not to smoke around me, because I know if gives the wrong impression, but I do like breathing…

I am using myself as an example in this because I know what triggers attacks in me. I’ve talked to enough other asthmatics to know that they have similar reactions. If you know someone who has asthma, they would greatly appreciate it if you took all of these things into consideration, because it really does make a big difference in whether or not we can keep breathing.

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