Astrology in Humans

A person’s astrology sign can determine many things. The astrological zodiac signs, based on a person’s birthday, are said to predict that person’s personality traits, likes, dislikes, and skills that are born under each sign. Astrology, considered “pseudo science”, is not an exact science, but full of theories and speculation. However, further analysis can help support the idea that it is generally accurate.

Astrology existed over 6,000 years ago, when astronomy and astrology was considered the same thing. Over time, astrology became considered less exact, and they were separated into two separate branches of study. The zodiac is divided into twelve different sun signs of thirty degrees each across the zodiac belt, located in the path of the sun. It is predicted that the sun, moon, and planets follow similar paths of the zodiac. Furthermore, each zodiac sign is a symbolic representation of the system of stars influence on our individual lives.

The signs of the zodiac are split into 12 signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. These signs are split between marked days of the 12 months in a year. Each sign has its own symbol, power planet, and horoscopes. More so, there are astrological element signs including Earth, Water, Fire, and Air that individually relates with each sign of the zodiac. A zodiac is determined by alignment of the sun and the other planets’ axis during a person’s birth time. Thorwald Dethlefsen said, “Astrology is not a belief in the influence in the heavenly bodies, but rather a system of illustrating reality.” This is a suggestion as to what astrology is; not a set plan on exactly who a person is and what will happen to them, but rather an idea of who he or she could possibly become and the influence it presents to that individual.

A personal zodiac is based on your birth day, year, and alignment with the planets at the time he or she was born. Accuracy of a zodiac can vary from person to person; it’s not always clear and concise. Taking a person you know and comparing them to their birth sign is a way to test how closely related they are to their birth sign. Think of someone you know, for example, born a Gemini (May 21-June 20). The symbol for a Gemini is the twins, meaning split personalities that the person can portray. According to the book, Cosmic Influence on Human Behavior (the Planetary Factors in Personality), by Dr. Michel Gauquelin, common personality traits of a Gemini are as followed: Adaptable, versatile, witty, intellectual, eloquent, youthful, and lively. Some common negative traits are: Nervous, tense, inconsistent, cunning, inquisitive. Some common likes are: talking, novelty, variety, and reading. Some common dislikes are being alone, being in a rut, mental inaction, conventional learning and feeling tied down. Do any of these traits sound familiar?

The zodiac can be considered a continuous flow; nothing is exact and defined but rather cycles of all the elements and humans under its influence An astrology prediction based on alignment and stars, and birth time do not necessarily determine who we will be, what we act like, or what we are destined to do; they simply show representation of cycles and phases the stars have to humans, illustrating who each individual is predicted to symbolize. Astronomy and astrology are closely related and can both be proven to be a reasonable study of science. If astronomy is the study of the movements of stars and universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere, then astrology is the study of the effects of those movements.


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