At-Home Microdermabrasion Kits

Microdermabrasion kits designed for use in your home have become very popular. The kits and cloths that are available for home use are great alternatives to a professional microdermabrasion treatment.

Most microdermabrasion kits will contain an abrasive scrub and a sloughing tool to help with the application. The scrub actually contains the same crystals (aluminum oxide) that are used by dermatologists, according to

Most kits differ though. Some may be a stronger formula and the application tools will vary from brand-to-brand. As with any at-home treatment you should always do a spot test and wait 24 hours to watch for an allergic reaction. You will experience some redness but some individuals may experience excessive skin damage.

There are also microdermabrasion cloths that are available for home use. They contain no chemicals and no aluminum oxide crystals. This may be the choice for individuals who have sensitive skin. The cloths are made from tightly woven microfibers that when used correctly will remove the dead surface skin cells and leave your skin glowing and smooth. The cloths are reuseable but you must read the directions carefully and follow them. If you rub too hard you can actually leave scratch marks and damage your skin. You will also have to read and follow the instructions very carefully when it comes to disinfecting your cloth as bad bacteria can build up on the cloths and cause serious health and skin infections.

The price ranges of the kits will vary and you should do some research before you purchase a kit. Read reviews from people to see how they liked the kits and go from there. There is always a possibility that the results will not be to your liking and there is a possibility that you can actually damage your skin.

Microdermabrasion kits are nice but you need to realize that the results will not be the same as a treatment from a dermatologist. If you really want to do this yourself and want great looking results, the higher priced kits are your best choice. They actually are higher priced because they use the best ingredients just like the dermatologists.

Always, follow the instructions exactly the way it is stated for the best results.

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