Attempts to Disband ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Are Fruitless

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has now been holding strong for about a month and is seemingly only showing signs of growth and strengthening. It has now spread to countless cities within the United States and many countries abroad including Italy, England, Spain and Mexico. Many individuals, organizations and political parties have either completely disregarded the movement or tried to take credit for its roots in an apparent attempt to disband the entire structure. Individuals who continue to underestimate the rising power of this group are either in denial or afraid of what a movement of this magnitude might bring to the world: justice. The banks, 1% and government are rightfully fearful because they know the true power lies with the people. In the near future, it is entirely possible that the reign and chokehold of this power-elite will come to an end if this movement continues.

Since discrediting OWS has only proven to bring out more supporters, many other tactics will be implemented in an attempt to undermine and destroy this mass gathering. The time has come for misanthropes to slow momentum in any way possible in a last ditch effort to keep the people from continuing to form a peaceful, yet powerful, assembly. Many ‘Occupy’ groups across the nation have reported many instances of instigation from outsiders trying to discredit the non-violent aspect of the Occupy movement. Some naysayers are secretly recording and craftily editing video footage as well as blatantly misrepresenting the statements of protesters in order to falsely highlight those peaceful individuals in a negative fashion. Some persons and organizations are even going as far as infiltrating general assemblies and groups with the end goal of creating internal strife and arguments from the inside in the hopes that the entire framework will implode.

These actions by outsiders only further illustrate how real this movement is and how desperate those in power are quickly starting to get. Panic and desperation are good signs for OWS because it shows that the message is reaching the desired recipients: the majority is awake, paying attention and taking their country back.

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