August Tomato Festivals to Crown Tomato

The red tomato fruit, consumed in diverse ways raw or cooked, is gaining popularity all over the world. It has become an inevitable ingredient in many dishes and sauces, and in drinks of modern food. Originating from South America it has occupied an important place in diet. It is considered as a fruit as well as a vegetable. Tomato is grown all over the world in many varieties, often in greenhouses in cooler climates. Tomato fruit is rich in lycopene, which has many health benefits.

Tomato festival in August

As the summer comes to an end, Tomato Festivals are observed in many places in the west in August. Tomato festivals are organized in American villages to promote hope for the tomato farmers and to celebrate its harvest season by the end of August. This festival may provide enlightenment about the benefits of consuming organic tomatoes and also provide hope for people baffled by or how or where to find perfect organic tomatoes.

This festival is celebrated cheerfully with various programs such as an exhibition of tomato dish varieties, accompanied with a variety of live entertainments, parades, tomato games, rides, arts and crafts, and of course display and sale of home-grown tomatoes.

A festival of fun and creativity

Tomato festival is an occasion of fun and creativity. Cooking competitions are held in villages making tomato as an inspiration and challenge to chefs and consumers. It offers chances to exhibit the creativity of young and old to come up with their most creative tomato cuisine. In short, Tomato Festival is an occasion of fun with something for everyone.

A festival of tomato fight

In some places, the highlight of the tomato festival is the tomato fight which takes place generally in the day light. The red fruits brought in trucks and vehicles are thrown at one another.

A festival of information

Display of varieties of tomatoes from various places enables people to be more acquainted with tomato and to find out perfect ones. Experienced farmers offer classes on all things about tomato. Programs such as Tomato tosses, Tomato variety tasting, Tomato clothing, etc. make the festival lively and useful.

A festival of marketing

The festival also offers information on purchasing tomatoes and tastes of several varieties. Contests are held to choose the best tomato. This festival encourages backyard tomato growers to bring in their best tomatoes.

Samples are kept for tasting. Provisions are made for purchasers and sellers. Brandywine, Amish Paste, Golden boys, Tiny Tim and Yellow Pear are some of the varieties that are contesting this year Tomato Festivals in and around the villages of Ohio State. There will also be a tomato cornucopia offer to a random visitor. There will also be lucky prizes for the participants.

Why a festival for tomato?

Tomato has come a long way since Colonial times when it was even thought to be poisonous. But it has gained popularity as the most alluring fruit. It has become the queen product of summer. The festival brings together the chefs, farmers, and all kinds of beneficiaries.

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