Autumn Fall-In

Fall is a time of great display,
As flaming colors abound.
Nature is in her full array,
As orange and reds surround.
It’s pumpkin harvests and gardens end,
Canning fruit and baling hay,
Summer has gone around the bend,
It’s a busy Autumn day.

Picking pecans and gathering firewood,
Getting out the winter wear,
Unpacking boots and coats with a hood,
And planning our entry for the fall fair.
Better arrange Thanksgiving’s menu.
Let’s do something new this time.
Maybe make chicken cordon bleu,
And pico de gallo with lime,

We could claim “fall frenzy mayhem,”
Made us choose a different meal,
We’d be going way out on a limb,
Noy sure how the rest of the family might feel.
So we better stick with ham and turkey,
Just play it safe again this year,
See Dad raking leaves, I’m feeling perky!
Follow me and have no fear.

I’ll jump first as I’m the brave one,
Come quickly if you dare.
Dad’s laughing, this is such fun,
He’s jumping in that big pile over there.
Acorns, walnuts, seasons changing,
Can’t you feel it in the air?
Summer’s over, tempertures ranging,
Cooler nights, falls everywhere.

Horses coats are getting thicker,
Football fever, stadium’s full,
Marshmallows toast as bon fires flicker,
And everybody’s back in school.
Autumn is a welcome season,
It brings relief from scorching heat,
And it gives the heart good reason,
To go out and line the street.

Watching for this year’s Home-Coming,
Floats and bands, a grand parade,
And of course election’s running,
As fall colors start to fade.
Cherish every amber hour,
Breathe it in and hold it dear.
Time will soon transfer it’s power,
As it does when winter’s here.

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