Autumn’s Welcome

Brisk mornings and colorful leaves

Falling gently on my eaves

Birds heading south for winter

To escape the winds cold and bitter

Ground littered with all of life’s hue

From gold to ginger and crimson too

Sunlight kisses tree tops with rays so golden

Close your doors quickly, don’t let the cold in!

Winter soon approaches with frost on the ground

I breathe deep that heavenly fall sent that is abound

Welcome Autumn! Welcome Fall!

Let’s dance and have ourselves a ball

I’ll bring my sweater, scarf, and gloves

If you’ll bring the turtle doves

We’ll watch them coo and say “Good bye!”

As to the south so gently they fly.

My favorite time of year

That I hold so dear

I hold these moments deep within my heart

And wish to never with them to part.

Welcome Autumn! Welcome Fall!

Come, let’s play, and have a ball.

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