Baby Lisa Disappearance’s Most Stupid Questions

The questions surrounding the missing baby Lisa Irwin’s disappearance just get dumber and dumber.

The mystery of what happened to the 10-month-old baby, Lisa Irwin, grows and grows, and continues to spawn the most stupid questions. So many dumb questions have been asked about “Baby Lisa.”

Here are the latest really dumb questions about what happened to Lisa Irwin, a baby who seemingly disappeared out of thin air on October 3 or 4, and has been missing ever since.

“Why would the kidnapper enter the house through a window, when the front door was unlocked?” I am serious. This question actually came from a caller into Nancy Grace’s October 27 show, though I’m quite sure that this caller isn’t the only person with such a dumb question.

Nancy Grace graciously responded by explaining that if “Baby Lisa” was indeed abducted, then the perpetrator would have entered through the window, gone through the house and snatched Lisa Irwin, then exited through the front door.

This is the very obvious, logical path of an intruder. An intruder would logically try the front door first, knowing that some people ARE crazy enough to go to bed without locking their front doors. Seeing that it’s locked, he then tries a window and succeeds with entry.

Baby in arms, what’s the next logical step? Exit through the WINDOW? Even the most deranged person wouldn’t try this when there’s a nice doorway to walk through. Just unlock it and exit. And someone who kidnaps a baby isn’t going to lock the door after exiting the house! Like he cares! This is the proposed, and very obvious, scenario if Lisa Irwin indeed was stolen.

During this same broadcast, Nancy Grace asked several times how Lisa Irwin’s mother, Deborah Bradley, could have found time to get her hair cut while her baby was missing. This stupid question assumes that a haircut is an all-day affair.

The haircut could have been done in 60 minutes flat (15 minutes to the salon; 30 minute shampoo and cut; 15 minute drive home). In fact, who’s to say that Lisa Irwin’s mother herself didn’t administer the simple trim in the bathroom?

Yes, her baby is missing, but I’m sure if one of Nancy Grace’s babies went missing, she’d find time to put the makeup on, which could easily take longer than a simple haircut.

Another caller asked how the kidnapper of Lisa Irwin would know where the cell phones were. Here’s a theory: If Lisa Irwin was kidnapped, the perp did not plan on stealing any cell phones. It instead was a spontaneous action when he just happened to spot the three cell phones on the counter as he was heading out of the house, baby in arms.

The report is that the three cell phones were lined up on a counter. It is a small house. The logical conclusion is that he made a spontaneous decision to grab them so that Lisa Irwin’s family could not promptly call the police – giving the kidnapper a head start with getting away with the baby.

For more really dumb questions about the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin, read my first article.

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