Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea: Wrapped Gifts!

If you are looking for a unique and cheap centerpiece idea for a baby shower, try this one. This is the box wrapping technique. This is something that is starting to become popular and in this guide, you will learn how to do it. Basically, these are empty boxes wrapped with baby shower wrapping paper. These are then placed in the center of the tables at the baby shower. So, let’s take a look at what you will need to make these and how to make this unique and cheap baby shower centerpieces.

What You Will Need:

Boxes (A Variety Of Sizes And At Least 3 For Each Table) Baby Shower Wrapping Paper (Enough To Wrap All Of The Boxes) Tape

Tips for Making the Boxes

Okay, so basically you can see from the list that you will spend very little in these centerpieces. Why? Because the boxes are free, the wrapping paper is a couple of dollars and the tape is a dollar. Before we get started on how to make these centerpieces, let me offer you some tips.

When you purchase the wrapping paper, it is best to purchase a couple of different styles. More than that if you can find them. But make sure that you purchase wrapping paper that will match. You might even want to purchase a solid color as well that will match the colors of the other wrapping paper.

When you collect your boxes, make sure you collect different sizes. Don’t go out and purchase these boxes. Save money by collecting them from around your home and by asking friends and family for them. You will end up stacking these boxes on the tables, so you will want different sizes.

Making the Centerpieces

With all of that being said, it is now time to start making your wonderful centerpieces, and no I am not being sarcastic, they really do look wonderful with a little time and effort put into them. Okay, now that you have all the supplies you will need and the tips, let’s make them.

You will need to start out by sorting the boxes. Sort them in threes. Three boxes in each pile will work, unless you want more. You are going to stack three boxes on each table in the center. You can do more than three if you want. It is best to do three different sizes; large, medium and small.

After you have sorted them, then you can begin wrapping them. The reason for sorting them is to know how you are going to wrap them. You will now know how to wrap the boxes since you know which ones will be together on a table. Wrapping the boxes is the most time you will put into these centerpieces. Once you are finished wrapping all of them, you can place them on the tables at the baby shower.

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