Back to School Gift Ideas

The prospect of the start of the school year might be lurking for your child during the last few weeks of summer. He knows it’s something he can’t avoid, and might even enjoy. Still, after having a summer of fun with his friends, staying up later than usual, and enjoying an increased level of independence, he knows change is approaching quickly. If you are looking for a way to help your child adjust a small gift might help. Get him a gift that is transitional, combining fun and education.

Reading Material
Take your child to a bookstore in your area so he can choose some books to read. This will encourage him to continue his interest in reading and prepare for reading in school. Books are also a great way for your child to wind down in the evening and get ready for sleep. Depending on the age of your child, you may have to read them to him, or he can read them on his own as he prepares to sleep for the night. For older students, a magazine subscription to a magazine related to a favorite hobby can encourage reading.

Make clothes shopping for the school year fun. Give your child freedom in choosing some of his clothes for the school year. As a gift, tell him that he will get to choose a particular clothing item he has been wanting for some time. This might be a new pair of tennis shoes that he has had his eyes on for months, or maybe a jersey of his favorite sports team.

Lunch At A Favorite Restaurant
For many students, school shopping is not the most exciting activity. He’d rather be swimming at the pool or playing outside with his friends. Offer him a gift as a reward for spending the afternoon completing his school shopping. Ask him to select his favorite restaurant for lunch, and treat him to anything on the menu he would like to order.

Your Own Personal Field Trip
Field trips are not just for students after they are attending school. You can take your child on a field trip to help prepare for school. If he has an interest in art, take him to an art museum. Other museums in your area might focus on the history of the world, country, or different types of transportation. Museums aren’t the only educational field trip options, zoos provide plenty of entertainment and education, while allowing the two of you to enjoy those last few nice days of summer before the cooler days of fall arrive.

School Supplies
Okay, he is going to need school supplies for the upcoming school year, so make school supply shopping fun. Allow him to pick out items such as a backpack and folders for school. He can choose ones with his favorite characters or athletes printed on them. Don’t forget about emergency supplies such as an umbrella for rainy days or a new baseball hat to wear to school.

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