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Ask any home baker worth their salt (or sugar!) and they will tell you the name Wilton is synonymous with quality baking tools and innovative techniques. Wilton products are carried in store3s across the country, and you can even take decorating to learn the Wilton method. They sell everything from cake pans, to ready made fondants and sprinkles in any color of the rainbow. Since most bakers develop their love of the craft in childhood, it only makes sense that Wilton has came out with a line of fun and colorful decorating products called Wilton Kids.

Wilton released a report1 that stated,”over 55% of children two and under had already taken part in some part of helping in the kitchen.” The report also stated that 80% of children help in the kitchen year round, not just at holidays and the overwhelming favorite thing for them to make were cupcakes. Parents are also recognizing the value of the kids in the kitchen. Not only are they getting help with the task at hand, but you are getting quality one-on-one bonding time. Children also learn while they cook by measuring, reading, and following directions.

Wilton has taken this all into consideration with their Wilton Kids line. Items are colorful, sturdy and easy to use. They add a definite fun factor to whatever you are baking. The line consists of 14 items in all, including Fondant Treat Kits and Twisted Sprinkles. One I think is really innovative are the Stretchy Cutters. These cookie cutters come in boxes of 10. They feature five large and 5 small shapes of each design. The shapes are rubberized, allowing them to stretch and return to their intended shape. This allows them to be comfortable in hand and eliminates sharp edges. i was concerned they would be too stretchy and not be effective, but my daughter and I were able to use them to make cookies quite effectively.

Mini pans are also in the Wilton Kids line. There are 3 fun shapes to choose from: princess, rocket and cupcake. Each pan can hold a snack size box mix or one half of a standard size boxed cake mix. This is a great size for kids to decorate and be able to share their creation with family. The pans themselves are the same sturdy quality that Wilton bake ware is known for and have a nice non stick surface. In our experiments we did grease the pan before adding the cake due to the complexity of the shape of our cupcake pan and it released beautifully.

Once your budding baker has his or her cake cooling from the oven, it is time to think of decorating. In the Wilton Kids line you can choose from two sets of Color-N-Swirl Icing Kits. Each kit includes 4 tubes of icing and 2 decorating tips. The tips screw securely onto the end of the icing tube for less mess and less waste of your icing. These were so fun and really gave my daughter control of the icing. Once the icing is on, it is time for sprinkles. Who doesn’t love sprinkles? Wilton Kids has two sets of Twisted Sprinkles, each with 3 mixed color sprinkle pairings. Also available is the enormous Mega Sprinkle Tote. The Mega Tote contains 14 individual bottles of sanding sugars, shapes and Jimmies. My daughter quipped “it’s a sprinkle wonderland!” All 14 bottles come in a handy briefcase shaped tote of sturdy clear plastic. This is great for storage and taking your sprinkles to Grandma’s house.

Speaking of tote able treats, if your child is into cupcakes, I recommend Wilton Kids Mega Cupcake Tote. This tote, is much like the Mega Sprinkle Tote but this one is filled with 250 colorful and absolutely adorable cupcake papers and 60 decorative picks. These items feature butterflies, robots, flowers and colorful dots. This would definitely be appealing to both boys and girls. I would also agree that the last item in the Wilton Kids line would be equally appealing to all children. It is called the Topping Tornado and is the ultimate decorating system. You place your ready to be decorated item inside the chamber then you fill the chambers on top with any combination of sprinkles. You hit the plunger to begin spinning then you twist open the sprinkle chambers to start your topping tornado. Your result is unique baked good each and every time.

I think it would be hard to go wrong with anything from this innovate Wilton kids baking line. The quality products, the imagination that it stirs in your children, and the time you will spend together creating memories is well worth the purchase price. To learn more or purchase any of the Wilton Kids line visit their website.

1. Wilton Kids Baking and Decorating Report December 8, 2011

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