Battlefield 3: Guide to the Assault Class – the Beginner Levels

I have been an avid gamer, especially in the shooter genre, for some time now. I’ve played shooting games ranging from the well known original Socom on the Playstation 2 to the famous Halo for the original X-Box. Each shooter generally offers something new and exciting, and the newest installment in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 3, is certainly no different.

I, myself, am even new to the Battlefield series, Battlefield 3 being my first one ever, believe it or not. So far, I’ve been taken away by the game; the inclusion of heavy team tactics is a nice change of pace. Now, rather than getting Spy Planes/UAVs in Call of Duty games online, players can directly give team mates health regeneration packs, actively revive them (for a certain duration of time after their death), give them ammo, and much more.

The Assault class is one of the four classes – the other three being Support, Recon and Engineer. The Assault class, in the earlier levels (where my level currently lurks), can be played heavily defensively – and your squad members and other teammates will be pleased if you do play in such a manner.

Early on, Assault class users are given Medical packs; these packs can be used by hitting a certain button (Left on the D-Pad and then RT to throw it if you’re on the X-Box 360). These packs regenerate your health, as well as the health of teammates within a certain the range. Not only is that great, but you’ll also get additional points for healing teammates; these points add up fast, especially if you’re engaging in firefights with groups of fellow teammates. Generally, if I am with a few others guys engaging a pack of enemies around a corner, I’ll throw a med pack in the middle, this way you get the “Squad Heal” bonus, which is slightly bigger than the regular “Heal” bonus. This may also save your teammates in the long run, allowing you to progress deeper into the map and get to specific objectives.

Slightly later, but not much later, Assault class users obtain the “Defib.” – an Auto External Defibrillator that can revive allies that have recently been killed. There is a small window in which allies can be revived, so getting to them as quick as possible, but also in a safe manner, is imperative. I’ve personally have had games where the score was too close for comfort and reviving teammates may have been the key to our successful win. To top it off, reviving teammates creates a positive atmosphere for teamwork and it nets you additional points per revive.

As you progress further you’ll get a larger variety of guns and attachments. You’ll be able to switch out your accessories for other ones. For example, the Med Pack can eventually be switched out for a grenade launcher. Find which playing style suits you AND your team best. Remember, Battlefield 3 multiplayer is designed to emphasize teamwork to help ensure victories.

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