Bear-ly Conversation

Yellow burning through blue.

A marching ant

under a magnifying glass.

Sweat soaked and shower ready.

Enjoying every minute;

slapping flies and all.

Half past a long day,

back at camp.

Camera full

Belly empty.

Latter problem soon to be solved.

Jagged peaks burst the balloon as it descends.

One consuming circle of warmth

gives way to a one sided circle of warmth.

Now though,

talking and laughter abound,

and teary eyes change hands with the wind.

One silence at a time and

this circle has burst too.

A solitary remnant,

With hot feet and cool back,

nurses a honey wheat brew

while reflecting on the day.

He converses with the stars:

“Ursa Major!

We saw your son today.

Fat and content,

sitting on his backside

among the Fireweed,

pulling Huckleberries

off of a branch with his lips,

Occasionally glancing our way,

but hardly interested.

Come to think of it,

He looked much like I do now.”

After this one sided conversation

He stares off into the sky

quietly contemplating life, love, and land.

Altogether excited and depressed.

Eventually contemplation

gives way to realization:

no documentary,

no museum,

no planetarium

compares to the live show.

Now the remnant puts the light out

and leaves as well.

It is time to rest for another day

Of marching, sweating, laughing,

and enjoying the live show

Under and around circles of warmth.

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