Beat the Banks with Foreclosures Bank Owned Real Estate

If you are looking for bank owned properties or REO (real estate owned) properties, investors can help you in finding the one that suits your needs. This foreclosure bank owned properties are sold by banks basing on the note included; this price is usually below market value, making it a cheap buy for most investors. The bank intend on selling or getting rid of the properties as soon as possible. On prices that are very cheap, suitable for those with a limited budget.

You can find these REO properties online, there are many sites that provide information and details regarding properties that are currently on sale to the public. Another option is to go to the lending company; they also post available properties on their websites. If you intend to deal your transactions directly at the banks, then they have a department which is solely in charge of handling the available bank owned real estate properties that they are currently selling.

There are steps to be followed if you decide to buy bank owned properties. First, you have to look for a broker. A list of brokers is available at the local board of realtors that are specifically handling REO properties. Then you have to select the broker that seems to suit your specifications, it is best to choose one that has few clients so that you are regularly updated with the current real estate properties that are available. Some brokers tend to update you on a long term basis; you have to wait for months for their updates. This is not ideal if you want to buy a property as soon as possible.

Once you have selected the real estate property that you want to buy, inform the broker of the price you will propose to the bank. The bank will review the price proposal and it would take around a month or more, it depends on the property being reviewed. It is also advisable to submit a pre-approval letter and your biography in order to shorten the review process. You can also transact directly to the bank regarding the property you intend to buy.

Many people opt to buy bank owned properties since it does not have any liens or payment burdens anymore. These real estate properties are priced below market value, making it cheap and affordable to those homebuyers who cannot afford expensive brand new homes. It is also an advantage for investors since they can earn a big investment later on in the future.

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