Beautiful by Kiexiza Rodriquez

Category: Inspirational Romance

Publisher: DiamondStar Entertainment

IBSN 13: 978-1-463-65039-1

ISBN 10: 1-463-65039-6

ISBN SmashWords: 978-1-4524-6673-6

LCN: 2011932578

Expectant Release Date: July 2011

Page count: 300

Size: 6×9, Paper Back

Review Summary:

Sometimes women are willing to make sacrifices and even squash their singing career for their husband to fulfill his dreams-this is Shireece and Sean. Tierra is living the glamorous life as it seemed. Tierra Rodriquez occupies her time at charity balls, events, and holds it down in her stilettos in the corporate world-promotion knocks on her door for all her hard work at Baxwell Enterprisez. Wow, who gets a promotion and on top of that, two weeks vacation, with her secretary (Ms. Teri) on vacay too. Executive position suits this classy, sassy, high-class professional, but the only woman in the company. Soon, she runs back into her long-time friend, Aquarian (QU) Speene. He confesses about his loss but also his love for Tierra, which she wondering why now. Cheering this couple on and can’t wait to see where this will transpire-love for hire.

Other valuable lessons taken from this novel:

*add God in your conversations

*long-term friendships between Tierra and Shireece

*male friendships, treated like a brother/sister relationship

*a family that prays together, stays together and unleashes the power of forgiveness and healing

The author has improved on their writing style, yet still proofreading issues such as punctuation, word inconsistency (pay roll should be payroll) to name a few. Overall, as a reviewer and author, I see how this writer has grown, filled in the blanks of the hidden pieces in this new version of the novel, and ready to read the next novel in the series. If you love romance, chick-lit, and contemporary fiction-this is a match for your book reading pleasures.

Dream 4 More Reviews received a revised copy of “Beautiful” for a book review.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Adrienna Turner

Dream Rating: Sweet Dreams

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