Beautiful Gloom

Gloomy is the silhouette that stands before your eyes,
She represents the mystery, the beautification of her lies.
She bows to what she stands for, hiding desperately from the light,
She’s even darker in the day than she appears to be at night.
Her face is not seen clearly, she dances in and out of sight,
Her being is so hypnotizing, its a calming feel of fright.
She captivates, and radiates. I’ve lost my strength to walk away.
I fumble when she shudders, and her body starts to sway.
She reaches out her hands to me for a moment caught in time,
I live inside this moment, mesmerizing and sublime.
It’s only her that I can see, she drowns all that falls behind,
She is the essence of my spirit, my life’s destiny defined.
The burning of the fiery sky with her can not compete,
All elements against her are doomed to feel defeat.
Goodbye my lovely lady, the light of day forced to retreat,
In twilight’s slumbers I will beckon, and we once again shall meet.

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