Beautiful Waterfalls in Ten States You Wouldn’t Expect Them

When people think of the United States and waterfalls, they naturally think of states like New York because of Niagara Falls. Other states you might think of with waterfalls would include California because of the great Yosemite Park Waterfalls, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and other western states.

But there are plenty of beautiful waterfalls in states that most people might never even imagine have any waterfalls. Here’s a listing of ten of those states, and links to the beautiful waterfalls in those states.


Most people think of Texas as a dry, flat, brown state. But the Lone Star state has a decent number of waterfalls, including one of the greenest waterfalls you will ever see in Gorman Falls. To see a large list of waterfalls in Texas visit Beautiful Texas Waterfalls.


Right above Texas is the Sooner State, which most people also think of as dry, flat and brown. But Oklahoma also has a number of really nice waterfalls, led by the great Turner Falls. For more Oklahoma waterfalls see Beautiful Waterfalls of Oklahoma.


The two things most people would probably associate with Connecticut are insurance companies and college basketball. But the Nutmeg State contains many beautiful waterfalls. The great thing is that most of the waterfalls in Connecticut are located in state parks and are easily accessible. For more see Most Beautiful Connecticut Waterfalls.


Most people associate Maryland with great seafood, like soft-shelled crabs, but believe it or not there a number or really pretty waterfalls located in Maryland. You can see them at Beautiful Maryland Waterfalls.


The Land of Lincoln is though of as flat farmland outside of Chicago, but there are plenty of waterfalls in Illinois. Most are within a few hours drive from Chicago too. For more see Beautiful Illinois Waterfalls.


Like Illinois, the Hoosier State is also thought to be flat Midwest farmland. But Indiana also has great waterfalls which you can see at Most Beautiful Indiana Waterfalls.


Arizona is one of the driest states in the United States, but there are many waterfalls, including a number of spectacular ones right in the Grand Canyon. You can see them at Beautiful Arizona Waterfalls.


Most of the waterfalls in Ohio are located in the eastern half of the state, many in the Hocking Hills area. The Buckeye States has a great array of beautiful waterfalls you can see at Most Beautiful Ohio Waterfalls.


The Badger State is kind of flat, but Wisconsin contains a number of waterfalls especially on the rivers that flow into the Great Lakes. You can see them at Most Beautiful Wisconsin Waterfalls.


Who knew that the Land of Lakes is also loaded with great waterfalls? Minnesota is, and you can see them at Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Minnesota.

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