Beer Bottle Spa Gifts

It’s a fact that lots of guys like beer but, actually, lots of women do, too. Instead of soaking in a bubble bath, while sipping a glass of wine, many women prefer to swap that wine for a beer. And, if you know a woman who loves beer go ahead and get her a six-pack for her bath. Not so she can sit there and drink them all but so that she’ll have everything she needs for tub time. When you turn a six-pack of beer into a spa gift set that beer-loving woman will truly look forward to relaxing in a warm bath.

After the bottles are emptied and clean – don’t forget to save the caps – you can begin making just the spa gift you want to create. Fill one bottle with Epsom salts, mixed with essential oil. Fill the beer bottle with the salts, dump them out on a newspaper, then sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on them. Stir the salts to get the scent on all the salts. Allow them to air-dry before putting them back in the beer bottle. A funnel can help you fill the bottle with ease. Make a label to wrap around the neck of the bottle so that the recipient knows what’s inside. If you want, though, you can leave the original label on the front of the bottle. Twist the cap back on the bottle before putting it in the carton.

It’s easy to make after-bath splash by using essential oil. Fill a beer bottle with distilled water then put a few drops of the chosen oil in it. You’ll find many different scents of essential oils at a craft store or online. For this bottle you’ll need to poke some holes in the cap. Lay the cap on a piece of wood so that the top of the cap is on the wood. Hammer a nail into the lid, do that several times, then cap the bottle with it. A simple piece of tape or a sticker can cover the cap until it’s ready to use.

There are certain things that you can purchase, and then transfer them to the beer bottles, to complete the set. Some suggestions include baby oil, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, or other hair treatments. You can even purchase a mild dish detergent, like Ivory, and use it to make bubble bath. Fill the bottle two-thirds of the way full of water, then fill it the remainder of the way with the dish soap. If you want the bubble bath to have a different scent just add a few drops of essential oil.

Make the spa gift set to give to a woman who loves beer or even to a guy with a man-cave. In fact, you don’t even have to use beer bottles to make the set. If you prefer, use other food or beverage bottles or jars to contain the spa products, paint or otherwise cover the carton, and put the spa items in it. Any man or woman – who loves beer or not – will adore the unique bath products.

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