Beer Me, San Diego: The Best Breweries in San Diego

It’s considered one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. A perennial powerhouse for family vacations, San Diego offers you miles of hot sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, beautiful scenery, and great beer. Yes, I said great beer. Not really thought of its beer scene, San Diego will surprise you with popular beer festivals and the quaint neighborhood brewery. San Diego welcomes you to dive into a few pints of pale ales, wheats, and many more.

Known as one of the most famous and best breweries in the country, Stone Brewery shows it’s brass very well. Located in the north part of the county, Stone nestles itself on a 19-acre farm full of fanciful foliage, invigorating scents, and two stories of drinking pleasures. Walking to the brewery, the experience begins with a ceiling full of overhanging trees and a beautifully designed rock wall. One step into this majestic abode and you’ll soon find yourself basking in the hops, barley, and perfect ambiance. If you’re after a Coors light or any other light beer, stay at home and leave the beers for the real suds lovers.

Start off with a crisp pale ale to get your tongue salivating. After the hops are clearly left on the sidewalls of the glass, try Stone’s household beer, the IPA. If you’re not careful, it might hit you in the face. With higher alcohol content, the lightweights in the bunch might want to only consume one. On the other hand, the beer connoisseur will indulge in quite a few. I’ve seen it and done it.

While enjoying your cold beverage, the sights and sounds will have your eyes and ears marching to the beat of an indifferent drum. If sitting outside during the evening, you will hear the echo of frogs in the nearby little ponds and streams. It truly is an experience like no other brewery. The people watching and over heard conversations are just two of many attractions you will enjoy. On the menu, you’ll find a unique variety of local organically grown food. I’ll let you experience the menu on your own but leave you with a few words: Mac ‘n Beer Cheese.

Finally, you can’t leave Stone Brewery without manning up and trying their brutal, but fair, Arrogant Bastard. Now I will warn you, the taste is in its name. Not for the faint hearted, the ‘Bastard’ will test your manhood, womanhood or whatever hood you come from. Especially the Double Bastard Ale. It’s so brutal the hops and IBUs are “classified.” Now that’s a special beer.

After responsibly leaving Stone Brewery, stay in the neighborhood of North County and head to the newest and coolest little brewery, Iron Fist. Walking up to the brewery, the ambience sets up perfectly. A huge garage door opening to the west allows the feeling of being home in your own garage, drinking with friends.

A family owned brewery with a young brew master, Brandon Sieminski, loves beer and simply wants to share their love, with you. With eight beers on tap and two coming up, Iron Fist offers a great variety of tastes and spirits. For just five bucks, you can have a taster of four beers of your choice. The lowest ABV is 5.2%(Renegade Blonde) going all the way up to 11%(Dark Days).

Most breweries are decorated in modern art. Not Iron Fist. They would rather spend money on their brewery and not their artwork so they left that chore for you to do. Yes, you and your friends. Even your mom, if you bring her. Lets hope your stick man artistry is at its best, because you’ll find plenty of Van Gogh wannabes on the wall scribbled in crayon. Or sharpie. Just make sure you share a favorite quote or just tell the world who you love. Draw a sunset or draw a dragon. Anything and everything is fair game.

Put your fist in the air and drink up at Iron Fist Brewing Company.

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