Being Green While Saving Green

My two New Years Resolutions this year are revamping my budget and being more green, and these little changes will make it easy to keep both.

Use reusable items. Instead of packing a sandwich and snacks for lunch with plastic sandwich bags, I plan to use reusable Tupperware. I’ll be packing it in a reusable lunch bag rather than a brown bag that usually gets thrown away. Paper plates and plastic silverware will no longer appear on my shopping list. Instead of drying my hands or wiping the counters with paper towels, I’m using a cloth towel I can wash and reuse.

Be conscious of the energy bill. When I’m cold, I plan on grabbing a warm sweater or blanket before running to turn up the heat this winter. I’ll turn off and unplug electrical items when I’m not using it and turn off the lights when I’m not in the room. Switching to energy efficient light bulbs is on my to-do list as well.

Give the gift of green. I always enjoy receiving a handmade gift because it has a personal touch to it, but it also is a money and environment saver. I plan on turning wine bottles into vases and touching up old picture frames and putting new photos in them. Instead of using wrapping paper, I’m presenting my gifts in reusable bags or baskets.

Be environmentally fashionable. Before I go buy a new outfit, I’m going to use what I already have creatively. Mixing and matching pieces I already have and using accessories I already own saves the pile that goes into the trash.

Drive less. I plan on walking, biking, taking public transportation and car pooling whenever possible. This save me in money in gas, parking and maintenance costs.

Sell and donate items. Instead of just throwing items I don’t want away, I’m planning on having a yard sale as well as listing items on EBay, Amazon, and Craigslist to make some extra cash. Anything I don’t sell, I’m donating to Goodwill.

Swap stuff. I’m swapping everything this year to save a ton of cash. Books, magazines and movies are on my list as well as clothes, jewelry, and purses. I’m letting my friends and family borrow my belongings in return for them sharing theirs.

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