Beneath the Facade

Listen to the murmur of my heart; hear the blood flow through my veins, slowing as I gather belief in the here-after; see me as I was, not as I am now; look beyond this crumbling facade to a time when I was beautiful, lovely, desirable; hear me once again as I tingle with anticipation that the ultimate irony is that life will finally reveal its mystery; how pathetic that one must wait the interminable wait for the final curtain to descend as it hovers low on yon horizon; how stoic it be that fate has but one ending, no chapters nor verse; no sympathy for the living still hoping that there is, after all, a new beginning somewhere beyond the last heartbeat, the last breath; see me once more; hear me; hold me to your breast as I brave the unknown alone, frightened yet relieved that the end lies just — beneath the facade.

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